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Joao Vieira

Just a few months ago I was working as a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines in Dubai. Then COVID came and the company decided to make me and a some other colleagues redundant, and I thought I could use that “push” to change my career and my life, and I am glad I did took action on that feeling. I signed up to Le Wagon Web Development Bootcamp in Stockholm, and I can say that is the best decision I took throughout all of 2020; it literally changed my life.I learned so much about coding and made so many good friends. The part I loved that most was the sense of team spirit that was formed around the whole class AND the teachers. It was amazing how after only a few days we were all so comfortable with each other, always ready to help each other. Also, the TA support was truly amazing every step of the way (big shout out to Yaniv Matalon), he was the most awesome teacher we had. Something else that I truly enjoyed was the daily meditation sessions towards the end of each day done by Eva, it really helped me recharge my mind after a full day of coding, so much so that I continued to do it after the bootcamp; or the live code at the end of every Friday while enjoying a nice cold beer, courtesy of Yves… that was super cool. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that made it possible For this and so many other reasons I highly recommend Le Wagon if you are thinking of changing your life, it certainly did change mine. After all, I got a job as a junior developer 2 weeks after the bootcamp thanks to everything I learned with these guys.