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charlie chandler

I have nothing but good things to say about the School of Code, over the last 16 weeks I have learnt more than I could have imagined and I feel that I now have an amazing platform on which to continue building my tech skills. Going into this I knew almost nothing about coding and I now feel confident building full stack JavaScript applications and would feel comfortable learning the new syntax of a new language. I'm looking forward to an exciting career in tech.

Isabel Holland

The School of Code curriculum was wide ranging teaching multiple tech stacks and the necessary soft skills to get a job in the industry. The Staff were passionate, knowledgable and incredibly welcoming. They made the environment feel open and supportive. I came to the course with no experience and left prepared for a job! The school is well connected in the industry and had interesting guest lectures throughout. I would recommend it to anyone looking to move into the tech sector. It’s a great opportunity to develop you tech and personal skills.


School of Code offers a unique, refreshing take on learning. Prior to applying, I watched videos of previous bootcampers and felt convinced it was something I wanted to experience. It was inspiring to see people from all backgrounds come together to support each other and learn to code (as well as other essential skills). There is a low entry barrier, with the only real requirement being a desire to intensely learn and be challenged. The course is accessible to all (otherwise, I don’t think I could afford a circa £7k course elsewhere) and the job placement rates (upon completion) are high.