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Junior Kazeem Agboola

I signed up for Product Hall to learn more about product management and entrepreneurship. I’ve just completed the program and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned so much! I, now, know what it takes to be a PM and I walk away with PM knowledge and lasting relationships with my classmates

Andre Gizenga-Ehiwe

This course gives a great overview of product management, the process of launching a product, and what it means to be a product manager overall. The value in the course comes from the project and assignments as they build-up to the experience of ideation, validating a product, understanding the market, and customer profiles.

Nazir Amir

This course is a great introduction for people interested in learning all of the key skills needed to become a successful product manager. Quadri takes a very methodical and detailed approach to teaching product management, based on his extensive experience in the field. This is not a course where you just sit back and listen for a few hours. Every class has several activities designed to help you absorb the material naturally. There are also background readings and homework that should keep up with regularly as you are work on fleshing out a product from idea to prototype and beyond. Quadri is always available if you require extra support or have any particular queries about the material. The class sizes are small enough that you can engage easily with other classmates and Quadri himself. As I had some experience in product management already, a couple of the lessons were refreshers for me but I'm glad I had the opportunity to sit through them. The guest speakers he brings in are phenomenal and have so much to share from their experiences. The learnings gained from this class have definitely aided in the development of the product my start-up is currently working on. This class has my highest recommendation.

Keenan Horne

I had a blast during this course and found it to be a great refresher on the fundamental of Product Management! I would encourage anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of Product Management or thinking of pursuing a career in the field and looking to experience what a day in a Product Manager's life really is like.