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Mitch Moore III

Going through Hack Reactor was definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. The program really prepares you for a career in software engineering and teaches you how to think through problems methodically. Hack Reactor doesn’t just teach you just how to code. Hack Reactor teaches you how to solve problems and learn hard concepts quickly- which are skills all software engineers should have. I came from a background with some programming skills already, however the amount of growth that I saw myself go through surprised me. I developed better approaches to solving problems, and became much better at managing my stress levels so that I could be successful, not to mention everything that I learned on a technical level. I came into Hack Reactor not wanting to change careers as I had just graduated from high school- this was my choice for getting into software engineering in the first place. With my unique situation, Hack Reactor gave me an opportunity to learn software engineering whereas my alternative would’ve been to spend a lot more money on a college degree, which I simply couldn’t afford. This program has really opened doors for me and I think that they can open doors for a lot of people- but you do have to be prepared for the difficulty of the program. Overall, I’d say that anyone looking into a programming bootcamp should definitely look into Hack Reactor with the mindset of being prepared to work hard. Anyone looking to attend Hack Reactor should make sure that they are prepared with really solid fundamentals when going through the prep work and pre-course to get the most out of the program and make it through. In addition, be sure to reach out for help when you need it. The staff is definitely dedicated to making sure that the students are making the correct steps towards becoming a solid software engineer and getting a job in the field.

Parker Stafford

If you're anything like me you aren't going to read this whole review, you may have stopped reading after the title so I'm going to put this here. Hack Reactor is a wonderful program with wonderful support for students. Hack Reactor will help you become a technically proficient, autonomous, holistic Software Engineer adept in 'soft skills' with an awesome outcomes team there to help you get a job! I would recommend Hack Reactor to anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer. Read on for the full story! I read a lot of reviews like this when deciding on which boot camp to attend. I had known I wanted to attend a boot camp for a few years in my old job and had been taking various coding courses online (e.g., Udemy etc.). When I decided it was time to join a boot camp I went looking for reviews and started filtering through the highest rated boot camps. I ended up going with Hack Reactor because of the technical assessment to get in. Many of the other boot camps required nothing to get in or had very simple coding challenges. I knew I wanted something rigorous that would challenge me and I felt that Hack Reactor was the right fit. Hack Reactor delivered on it's promises. It was rigorous and extremely challenging, but also extremely supportive and uplifting. I learned so much throughout my time at Hack Reactor. The curriculum flow is extremely logical with each new sprint building on the last. You continually reinforce skills as you go along. I loved the emphasis on autonomous learning, I came out of the programming feeling like if I didn't know something, I could figure it out quickly and efficiently. I think the support both technical and non technical I received throughout the program is what really set Hack Reactor apart for me. The program focuses on building holistic engineers as opposed to coding robots. No matter what kind of support you need throughout the program, there will be someone there to help you out at a moments notice! I can't say enough good things about it! My recommendation would be to get some good experience with coding through self study before attending Hack Reactor. This helped me get the the most out of my time there! Good luck!

Zachary McCain

I began my search for a bootcamp like many others, looking at reviews, trying to suss out the best possible options to make sure I was going to have a good experience. I had a lot riding on this endeavor, quitting my job, taking up a totally new field in order to support my family. I wanted to find the best fit. Enter HackReactor. After coming close to applying to several different programs, and realizing time and again that they didn't produce the results or have the rigor I wanted, I finally found HackReactor. All of the reviews were glowing, the graduates spoke of excellent instruction and great preparation, but most impressively of all, this was not your run-of-the-mill bootcamp. This one was rigorous, intense, and produced the best possible bootcamp grads. I was bought in, and now I am so glad! I enrolled in the program after passing their entrance exam, and from day 1 we hit the ground running. 12 weeks of in-over-my-head immersion in the tools of a full stack JavaScript developer using React, Express, relational and non-relational databases, and much much more, learning by doing, and I can say I have never learned more in such a short time in my life! Pros: Excellent curriculum - learning through doing. Teaches you how to learn autonomously - I now feel prepared to learn anything I need quickly and efficiently in the field. Gives you the tools to succeed in the job market. Cons: Rigorous and fast paced. If you aren't ready to go all in for 12+ weeks, this program isn't for you.