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Dom C

Product Gym is a really great resource in enhancing your potential in the job market. You will gain a significant amount of value as relates to everything surrounding the experience of getting a job as a PM. The first thing you will realize is that Product Gym's strategy is top class at being able to get you a significant amount of interviews. I would say they are experts in being able teach you how to interview properly and answer questions in interviews in the best possible way. They have a ton of resources and classes for all subjects surrounding product management. One of the other really great aspects of Product Gym is that it has a really great community that you will have access to. You will be working with people who are in the same struggle as you and will be there to help through all aspects of your job search from case studies, to interview questions, and product topics. Product gym is also a membership program so once you are in the community you are there forever. Another great part of what they offer is being able to help negotiate the best possible offer you can get. I will say however that if you want to get the most out of the program you will have to work very hard. Product Management is a hot field right now in a very competitive market so you will have to grind if you want to see results.


These guys have a great thing going overall. Definitely learned a ton from them, and they helped me sell myself a whole lot better. I ended up landing a 200K position, despite never having been a PM before. The only constructive feedback is that they are a bit overwhelmed. So if you need help, don't hesitate to ask for it, because they have a hard time with the number of students they have reaching out to every member.


Product Gym, is hands down, the best investment that I have made in my career! Within 1 week of applying, I had generated 16 interviews, with many more in the pipeline. This is more interviews than I have had in 10 years of my career! Their support, curriculum, and commitment to their members is simply unmatched, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be on the fence in joining Product Gym.