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Product Gym has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have been trying endlessly to search for a job but nothing was working. I joined Product Gym in the latter half of October and by Early Feb I have already secured 2 job offers with couple more interviews still left in the pipeline. Had I tried to search for a job on my own I don't think so I would have ever been able to achieve such a success rate. The coaches at Product Gym are very supportive in answering all your queries, They will be there with you throughout the whole Job interview lifecycle. The program concept is great, the other members in the cohort are like your support system. Our weekly interview practice sessions were very helpful as I could interact with my fellow cohort mates and understand the issues and challenges we were facing and helped each other in the process. It's a budding community of like-minded individuals helping each other get better. They not only helped me with the Job interview process, but they also helped me become a better Product Manager through their classroom sessions. It's unlike any other Product Management courses out there. All they need is commitment and hard work and they clearly set the expectations clear from the start that it will not be an easy process, but if you follow their guidelines it will be worthwhile.