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Esin Adsoy

Le Wagon was exactly the push I needed to learn web development and discover what I’m capable of. I saw how much you can learn in a short time, given an optimal environment and structure. One of the best things about the curriculum was how it all made sense at the end. I enjoyed each module but sometimes found myself curious how it all will come together. I must say I wasn’t disappointed. I loved doing the challenges and practicing the concepts we learned that day hands-on. I appreciated the effort that was clearly made creating each one of them, and it was a crucial part of the bootcamp I believe. I spent the first week on campus and kept doing the rest of the bootcamp remotely. Covid surprised us all and forced us to be capable of doing more online. Both experiences were amazing, I loved having a structured day with lessons and challenges. It was amazing to see how far we all came at the end of the bootcamp. The project weeks were both quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. I was the team leader which was a responsibility I happily took and enjoyed very much. Balancing responsibilities and tasks through the team became tiresome sometimes but the end result was very rewarding and I think those weeks were great to see how it is to work as a team. It was great to connect with many professionals, all in different roles in tech during the Career Week. Listening to their recommendations and their experiences was definitely inspiring. We also learned how to create an appealing CV for ourselves Two weeks after the bootcamp I started working with two Le Wagon alumni from two different batches and different countries on a volunteer project. I was referred to them by another alumni who watched our demos. It just shows what an amazing network Le Wagon provides during and after graduation. I also realise that working together is quite easy because despite doing the bootcamp in different cities and times, we all somehow speak the same language and understand each other well. I also started a full-time job as a Junior Full-Stack Developer in in a startup less than three months after graduating Le Wagon and am again thankful for the opportunities provided to me by Le Wagon. I love meeting new people and talking to them very much. Le Wagon’s global alumni is great to do exactly that. It is very easy to get in touch with other alumni all around the world and everyone is very helpful and nice. I also miss creating tickets and talking to a teacher whenever I faced problems and the buddy system. I really enjoyed the community vibe Le Wagon provided for us.