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Lucas Koerner Abumanssur

I joined the program to enhance my technical skills and to be able to solve problems. I strongly recommend this course as the school is really concerned with students and their progress. The staff is incredible and the content is carefully curated to allow you to learn the fundamentals and grow by yourself.


I did Le Wagon Web Development (9 weeks, full time) Bootcamp in 2020. I’m a business graduate, but I always wanted to learn coding, and I tried on my own for a year. It was really difficult since I didn’t really know where to start. I had attended Le Wagon workshops in the past and I have read the amazing reviews online. After doing a lot of research, I finally decided to attend the bootcamp during the pandemic. This was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Before starting, you need to do a full prep-work, it includes a course about: Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some web preparations. The bootcamp is definitely super intense and immersive. You have to be fully committed. There’s a lecture in the morning, and then you work on challenge all day with an assigned buddy. It makes it really straight-forward, and you start coding on the very first day. At the end of the 9 weeks, you will be able to build a marketplace from scratch, it seems impossible but with Le Wagon resources, it is. The teachers and the full team are amazing, they all did the bootcamp, so they know exactly what you need. They are all passionate and truly dedicated to Le Wagon’s mission. They are always available if you need anything and they always go beyond your need. The program is also fully structured, you have access to so many resources, you won’t need anything else. Everything is there. You also have access to all the alumni’s, it’s a dedicated community that is also available, even after you graduate. Before joining Le Wagon, I used to read the reviews and I thought maybe they were a little bit exaggerated, but they are not. I truly recommend Le Wagon to anyone wanting to develop new skills, change careers or be able to build a product on their own.