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My experience at Le Wagon was amazing, I was impressed by the teacher’s level of knowledge and professionalism, I was also impressed by their skills and patience in delivering the material and guiding the students through the challenges. My background is computer engineering, and I have been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years. I always felt that I want to code, but didn’t have the time to do it, and now that I got the time and the opportunity, I decided to join Le Wagon. The number one coding bootcamp on Switchup. I was surprised about how well structured the curriculum was which covered all the basic concepts that a web developer needs to know, and how intense it was, the amount of information that we were able to learn in 9 weeks. I was also surprised by the diverse background of the students attending the bootcamp. The daily challenges were my favorite bits, I used to wake up early every morning, to have a look at the challenges before the lecture, I also used to do a research to figure out the concepts that were covered by these challenges, I loved doing that. I also enjoyed having a coding buddy every day, I was always excited to figure out who my buddy for the day was going to be. Project weeks were interesting too, because they followed a real agile project management methodology, each day started with a stand up meeting, where all team members got to talk about what did they do yesterday? What were they going to do today? And if they were facing any impediments. We also used Trello (agile project management tool) to collaborate on the project tasks, that was a great experience that prepared us for actual agile project management. Le Wagon was helpful after the bootcamp in so many ways, introducing students to a wide community of developers and founders, helping the students in building their CV’s, LinkedIn profile and all that they needed to start a career in development. The interviews with experts from the tech industry during the Career Week was great too. Learning how to code gave me a better perspective into design thinking and software architecture. I also learnt that I can be more productive under pressure. I am now a part of Le Wagon’s global community of like minded people, and that makes it easy to remotely connect with real people and real opportunities. My plan is to continue to code, and to learn something new every day, until I figure out where this wonderful journey is going to take me.