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Tony Wong

I learnt front-end & back-end development and deployment skills from Tecky Academy in just 4 months, and also found my current job via Tecky after graduation, so I would like to recommend this school to anyone who is eager to learn web development skills.


I worked for customer service field almost 8 years when I decided to learn a new skill and enrolled to Tecky Academy. The bootcamps require you to give 200% of your life during those 4 months, but it's definitely worth it. They push you to the limit, all the while maintaining an amazing informal and casual relationship with the class. They give you the tools to succeed, but the work needs to come from you. This is much more than just a regular Bootcamp, it makes you a better person overall and gives you the tools to thrive in software development, you just need to have the guts and the will to take it and make your own path. I was afraid that my 34 years old was somehow an obstacle to hiring, but the truth is that after a month of the finished course I had the best offer I had seen so far.

Ellie Lam

After completion of micromaster of Tecky Academy, I have learned the best practice of the IT industry, which makes me more confident and more competitive in getting into the industry. The teachers are well-experienced, teaching every student attentively, and are well aware of students’ learning difficulties. By completing projects and code review, we have gained valuable experience in cooperating with other programmers, and the code written is getting better and better. The course also provided the employment support I needed so that I could find the job I wanted.

Shinji Hirota

Programming is a big and complicated field, there is basically no shortcut to any success. But this program, in general, taught me how to self-learn in a speed way, which I personally think is the most important skill in this profession. I am now a software engineer in a web app develop company and this specific skill helped me to success on my daily tasks.