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Tecky Academy is one of the best place to get you started ahead if you wanted to step into the IT industry immediately. The courses they provided are comprehensive, carefully designed and timely updated with the latest technology, guaranteed to equip its students with the best programming skills as well as project-management skills when they graduate. I could not thank the instructors / tutors in Tecky Academy enough for the amount of efforts they have put in encouraging students to code and the mantras of turning an abstract idea into a tangible IT product in terms of web application or even a mobile app. From design-thinking, wire-framing to test-driven and agile development , students were taught not only to be a programmer but a comprehensive problem solver towards real-world problems. An architect that uses code to build a better world. As a former student, I highly recommend Tecky Academy for all who wanted to become an aspiring programmer.

Thisby Cheng

Tecky academy program is design for people who has no prior experience in computer, like me. I graduated in art and work in film, then go to Tecky start programming from scratch. The pros of the program are: 1) You get experienced tutors who has their own expertises, you can always ask for their advice while working on your project or job seeking. 2) You need to work 4 projects within 3-4 months program, that you really need to utilize the knowledge and build your own portfolio. (For my first project of a group of three, we did a real commercial project for Domain Mall) 3) You get to know classmates from all walks of life and later build your strong network in IT industry. 4) You have support on job seeking and Tecky does have connection with companies and recruiters. The cons of the program are: 1) The program is very intensive and time / brain consuming, you can know nothing and begin leaning from scratch, but you really need to invest your time and all brain cells! Throughout the process you might feel frustrate because it can be really difficult. You still need to reach to these milestones and work on the projects followed the learning scheme. Never stop while you are feeling low in facing difficulties and keep producing and working on things is the best way through. (Otherwise you may fall behind or want to quit)