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Erik Jacobsen

Before Beginex, I was a print graphic designer looking to transition into UX design. I took an online training course in UX but only ended up with one project for my UX portfolio — for interviewing for UX jobs, you need at least 3 projects. Beginex solves that by having you work on a real project for a real company, meeting with the company’s stakeholder weekly along with 3 UX mentors to advise the teams on the project. It’s great because you can put the project company on your resume as a contract job. I liked that the cohort was small — only 12 of us divided into 3 teams of 4, with each team working on a different aspect of the project. I got to practice what I’ve learned about UX, and each week is a step in the UX process — sketching, user interviewing, wireframing, testing the low fidelity prototype, making adjustments then presenting to stakeholders. Plus, the last couple of weeks involve preparing your resume and portfolio website. After completion, Beginex also connected me and 3 classmates to work on another project for another company for a few weeks. This enabled me to have another portfolio project. After completion, everyone can continue with virtual career support from mentors. It took a while to get a UX job (a year and a half, however, I was able to move from print to web design (UI) in between, and later the pandemic lessened job opportunities).