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Basile Rieu

After more than ten years in the movie business, I wanted to reconvert myself in the web. A friend of mine had just left a batch and was transformed, and I wanted to be transformed too. I have discovered a new passion, something new and new people who accompany me. More than a bootcamp, it is a benevolent environment where there is a lot of help. It is not easy every day but each small victory is a huge one, and I loved that feeling. Every day you feel stronger, every day you have the impression of evolving. Being at Le Wagon had been a perfect springboard to a new life, and I will continue to recommend it !

Elsa Touma

Before Le Wagon, I was preparing the agregation in philosophy, but during the year, I realized that teaching in national education did not suit me. I needed a change, something more dynamic! I’ve always wanted to learn to code, so I decided to take the plunge! As it didn’t require any prior skills and I had heard a lot of good things about it, the training offered by Le Wagon seemed to be the best according to my profile. In October 2020, I joined Batch501! I met great people, the atmosphere was very friendly and the teachers were very educational and competent. We learned a lot of things very quickly and we are a little better every day than the day before. The buddy system allows students of different levels to help each other, so you never feel alone when you struggle! I had an incredible experience during these two months!

Juan Carlos Banos

I attended the Web Development boot-camp before I attended the Data Science boot-camp and let me say that the Data Science boot-camp exceeded my expectations. Even though the boot-camp was remote, the staff and teachers were very attentive and had a great attitude throughout. The material was very impressive and in depth. In fact, I joined the boot-camp mainly to demystify Deep Learning , and I was really happy with the depth we covered the topic. I am now pursuing a Master's Degree in computer so that I can further my knowledge in Neural Networks. I recommend the boot-camp to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and learn what the buzz of Machine Learning is all about!


The Wagon is a caring and studious environment to not only learn to code but to learn to learn. The challenges are daily to always go a little further in the concepts of programming while consolidating as the knowledge is acquired. Especially since I find it very rewarding to continue to progress and transmit what I have learned myself as a Teacher Assistant and to have the feeling of being part of an extremely active community in France and internationally.