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Xinran Ma

A few years ago, I started to transition from architecture to product design. I had interviews with some big tech companies that I thought I had a chance but didn't get offers at the end. In reflection, I realized the job market had been increasingly competitive and I needed side projects to build more impactful experience. At that time, I had already known Michael, the founder, for over a year in different events. I appreciated his vision and straightforwardness so I decided to attend. I learned a lot from working closely with the business owner, understanding his vision and product strategy. Also thanks to the resources he provided, I got access to many quality users to conduct interviews and gather insights. I also found the collaboration with other team members very valuable. They provided me constructive feedback from different perspectives. The experience definitely boosted my confidence in this competitive field, expanded my professional network, and empowered me as a better designer.

Meredith M

I have a background in textile conservation and was looking for a career change. I learned about Beginex through a UX Meet Up in NYC and it sounded perfect! Leading up to applying to Beginex, I did a lot of studying and prepped as much as possible (taking free udemy and linkedin learning courses). I didn't have a portfolio, but Beginex assured me that they'd help me get to 3 case studies by the time I finished the course. I was really glad that I had prepped before, as Beginex dives right in and expects a certain level of background knowledge. I was partnered with an amazing group of people and we all became friends instantly! While in the program, I worked with countless mentors and experts and the client we worked with had a really exciting project for us. It was really important to me to work with a real client--which was something not many other bootcamps offer. I enjoyed the weekly meetings and while it wasn't the easiest to balance my full time job and the course load, I was always excited to work on my Beginex work, which made it worth it. The program taught me to think critically and really focus on the user--they also helped me build up my portfolio. After graduation, I received a job offer one month later. I couldn't recommend this program more, but it is important to consider that it is a lot of work and will require a significant amount of time. That being said, I had so much fun completing the program, I couldn't believe it was already time to graduate!