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Larren Mills

I wish I had found these guys much sooner! Their approach was perfect for me: self-paced, but with all the help I needed when I needed it. The instructors were great. The facilitators were great. The courses and the labs were right on the mark. In fact, after I got hired, I REALLY appreciated how realisitic their lab activities were.

Dale Levine

I would highly recommend them. The instructors provided great training and support which made the courses much easier to go through. I love the style of being able to learn whenever I want. This fit perfect with my busy work schedule. The training manager and instructor were both on hand to help whenever I needed it and were extremely professional when dealing with everything. I would highly highly recommend you to anyone looking for a training course and will certainly use you again if i need anymore training.

Evan Williams

I really liked being able to take the course in a virtual setting. I was able to stop the course at any time and take care of work duties. I like the examples coded out and provided for me on disk. I was able to immediately play around with the examples. By experimenting with the sessions I was able to learn more quickly. Wonderful experience.