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Cameron Macdonald

If you have any doubts or think it's too good to be true, trust me, I felt the same way. After the pandemic hit I was more than a little bitter at having my career path up and vanish almost overnight. I had spent the better part of a decade in the service industry and had absolutely no idea how I was going to survive. After getting a recommendation from a former mentor, I decided to take a risk and jump headfirst into the world of tech sales. Was I terrified? Absolutely! Thankfully though, I landed on the wings of my new flock (apologies I am allowed one dad joke per year). Through my amazing trainers and tech fellows, I learned how to tell my impostor syndrome to kick rocks and sell solutions. I learned both the science and art of selling along with the technical skills needed to break ground into an industry completely new to me. Don't kid yourself though, it's a commitment, I'm talking three hours a night, four days a week. You get what you put into the program. Take advantage of the office hours, reach out and connect with your tech fellows. After graduating, I landed a job within three weeks. It's worth it, and you have a dedicated group more than willing to help you succeed!