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Avva Satya

Datalent Bootcamp is not for only Azerbaijan but also America and all countries in the world. It means education provides us with high quality and wold experience. After 6 months already I had earned work experience because of working real data science projects during the bootcamp. I am really thankful to Datalent team.


As a student I can share my experience about this Data Science Bootcamp. There is no need to talk about their extensive curriculum, but I think I need to talk about their mentor and job support. During the Bootcamp program, besides proffessional instructors, they offer one-to-one mentors they help to deepen our understanding of lectures. They even recommend us to companies for iternships, vacancies and so on. But before this recommendation we took some career redirections (what to do or not to do in inerviews, how to prepare cv, portfolio and etc.)