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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Jasmine is an open-source testing framework for the JavaScript programming language. Testing code is an essential part of any role as a coder or developer since it ensures the correction of any bugs or errors in the script.

Testing software and mobile applications is a fast-growing segment of the tech industry. Software engineers with experience in Jasmine will need to design, develop, and implement automated solutions to test software applications. The average software tester salary was $55,742 in 2019, according to PayScale, while software testing engineers could earn around $75,147.

Jasmine bootcamps can teach aspiring code testers the skills they need to advance in a highly competitive job market. Some of these bootcamps are for more advanced students who already know how to use JavaScript, although new programmers can always take entry-level courses. SwitchUp’s list of bootcamps includes information about program length, advisors, and career options.

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