14 Companies of All Sizes Who Hire From Fullstack—And Why Our Grads Love Them

14 Companies Who Hire from Fullstack Academy

Whether you've just set out to research coding bootcamps or are newly accepted to one, you may be wondering where exactly you'll end up after graduation. The truth is, that's really up to you—which is a good thing, we promise. Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program don't mint one-size-fits-all developers; we encourage our students to stay true to themselves and pursue opportunities that reflect their individual goals. Successful completion of one of our bootcamps means you'll emerge with the skills, experience, and confidence to attract a range of employers.

If you're drawn to the big shots, like Google or Amazon, we've got you covered. If you're more interested in startups or smaller companies where you'll be less siloed and more cross-functional, you'll be in a good position for that as well. Fullstack programs boast the best CIRR placement rates in the industry, and our Career Success team will work with you to make sure you're ready to interview with the companies you most want to work for.

And if you're still fretting over not having a computer science degree, let us point you to this year's compilation of employers—names like Apple, Whole Foods, and Starbucks—who no longer require a college degree from potential hires. In fact, IBM's Joanna Daley specifically says they are drawn to candidates who have "hands-on experience via a coding bootcamp or an industry-related vocational class."

Here are 14 companies ranging from mammoth-sized established names to burgeoning small businesses who have hired Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program grads—and what some of those folks think about working there. (Note: Hiring data is self-reported and reflects data on file as of November 2018.)

Approximate # of Employees: 88,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 24

Now synonymous with the search engine feature for which it is most well known, Google is an information-organizing powerhouse. You'd be hard-pressed to go a day without using one of their products to make your life easier, whether it's Google Assistant in your home, Google Maps on your phone to get somewhere, or YouTube to view the latest music video. The fact that they're always working on cutting-edge gadgets and smart tools makes it an exciting place for a developer to work.

Approximate # of Employees: 750
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

Etsy's CEO believes his company is instrumental not only in helping makers and crafters connect with the worldwide market, but also in addressing one of tech's most glaring and longstanding issues: hiring and promoting women. In contrast with many tech giants, over half of Etsy's workforce is female, as is a majority of its leadership.

Rachel "Rocky" Fine onboarded at Etsy after her teaching fellowship at Grace Hopper Program ended. She, along with five other Fullstack and Grace Hopper alums, comprised a 7-person pilot program for new engineers (only one member of the program was not a graduate of Fullstack or Grace Hopper). The pilot was essentially a structured introduction to the culture and code base at Etsy, to make sure new engineers would be successful at the company. So far, Rocky loves "the blameless culture" and Etsy's commitment to employee growth and goal achievement, as well as everything she's learning about how a large company sets itself up to be scalable.

Stack Overflow
Approximate # of Employees: 250
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 2

Over the last decade, Stack Overflow has evolved into what may be the most valuable online community for developers--in which they can engage each other and share knowledge. According to the organization's website, over 50 million active and aspiring developers visit the site each month to find answers to coding problems, to network, and to look for jobs.

JPMorgan Chase & Co
Approximate # of Employees: 250,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 39

A recognized name in financial services and one of the world's largest tech companies, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has long been ahead of its time (it was the first bank to support the use of the ATM) and continues to push forward in the realms of AI, fintech, blockchain, and more.

Emily Ho graduated from Fullstack in 2016 and has been happily employed as a software engineer at JPMorgan ever since. She attributes her job satisfaction to the women-friendly culture at JPMC, as well as to the supportive, understanding nature of the overall team and its collective commitment to the company vision.

Approximate # of Employees: 459,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

Making it on to the Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies of 2018, as well as the Best Employers for Women and New Grads and Diversity lists, Accenture is a client-facing organization providing strategic, digital, tech, and operations consulting services.

Approximate # of Employees: 3000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

Though it's often compared to Amazon, Jet distinguishes itself by its startup mentality—which may sound disingenuous considering it was acquired by Walmart nearly two years ago, but Grace Hopper Program grad Annika Sundberg confirms the company is for real. She accepted her first job at Jet after graduation in early 2017 and remains there today. Her role as a software engineer has taught her how to effectively collaborate, to incorporate user feedback, and to truly think like an engineer, top to bottom.

Approximate # of Employees: 19,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 15

Though the company started with just two developers in a room building their business from scratch, Bloomberg now employs more than 5,000 technologists to service the needs of financial markets across the world. They invest in young students interested in data science, they sponsor hackathons, and they spotlight women developers and their contributions.

14 Companies that hire Fullstack Academy grads

Approximate # of Employees: 175
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

Founded by a team of former Google employees, Qubit provides data-driven software that promises to aid companies in personalizing customer experiences--and it's where Omari Wallace went to work after finishing up at Fullstack in 2014. Over four years later, he's still there and has been promoted from Client Engineer to Lead Client Engineer—skipping over the requisite intermediary role that usually exists between those steps.

Working at Qubit has helped Omari get comfortable with not being comfortable, and has shown him the importance of seeing both the details and the big picture. He explains, "There have been countless times when I've needed to step outside of the boundaries of my role as a developer and contribute my thoughts to general conflict resolution and problem-solving, particularly when a task I'm working on might have some logical issues or edge cases that haven't been considered. People can often be so focused on deadlines, output, and execution that the 'why' and 'how' aspects get glossed over without proper consideration for the larger questions—for example, should we be doing this to begin with? Is this the best way to go about it?"

Approximate # of Employees: 23,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 12

The world's leading online travel company requires a user-friendly interface, an understanding of how new technologies can be incorporated into their services, and a commitment to continuous evolution. And developers who get hired here have the chance to work at a number of daughter companies, which include kayak.com and OpenTable.

Approximate # of Employees: 15
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 14 (most on a contract basis)

The small Rehash team uses a wide variety of tools, like Java, Python, Redux, and React Native—and is committed to constantly learning new and relevant ones. The company, which has a tradition of hiring new developers in contract roles, helps startups scale their tech platforms and builds enterprise software for larger companies.

Fullstack grad and former teaching fellow Katherine Mello started at the company in one of those very contract roles and was promoted one year later to a full-time position. Though she is no longer at Rehash, she loved the emphasis on work-life balance (employees get every Friday off), the opportunity to get her hands dirty with different stacks, and the chance to take on increasing levels of responsibility within the small, fast-paced company. For more insights into Rehash's work, check out this blog post Katherine wrote while on staff there.

American Express
Approximate # of Employees: 55,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 27

AmEx was an early supporter of Fullstack Academy, hiring grads from some of our first cohorts. It should also be noted that AmEx hires include a significant number of women—and in particular women of color—from our pool of grads. The company has been named one of the "Top Companies for Women Technologists" and has been recognized for its support of working parents by Fatherly and Working Mother Magazine.

Approximate # of Employees: 14,000
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 9

BlackRock knows that businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to be successful in the money management industry. It's no surprise, then, that the asset management expert has turned heads with Aladdin, a unified investment platform they refer to as the company's "central nervous system."

Fullstack alum Erik Shuttlesworth has been at the company for almost eight months and has been struck by both the impressive team and BlackRock's treatment of its employees. He has learned a lot in these first months—and recognizes he isn't even close to knowing all that he needs to. He remarks, "The world of software engineering is so much bigger than I thought it would be, and there is way more to learn."

Approximate # of Employees: 500
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

Another early adopter when it comes to hiring Fullstack grads, Datadog provides monitoring for cloud-scale applications and boasts they are "building a platform engineers love to use." The company employs a careful and conscientious hiring process that can take as long as a month to ensure potential team members interview with multiple staff members and complete assignments.

Approximate # of Employees: 100
# of Fullstack/Grace Hopper Grads Hired: 6

YipItData scours the internet to create up-to-the-minute data reports to be used for analysis and investment decisions. As the company continues to grow, its technical team is responsible for developing scalable solutions and delivering consistent client experiences.

Bobby Muldoon, who graduated from Fullstack in 2015, has been at YipitData ever since, progressing over time from his original Data Product Engineer role to an Engineering Manager position. Since joining the team, he's realized he wants to build his long-term career in data engineering and analysis. His advice to current and prospective students is, "Once you land that first job, focus on making an impact and helping the company. Everyone wants to learn new skills and work with new technologies, but employers are also looking for people that can get things done and take on non-technical responsibilities."

As you can see, coding bootcamp graduates can truly work anywhere. Where do you see yourself at the end of your bootcamp journey? Whatever your answer, Fullstack Academy will help you get there. Apply today to get the ball rolling and be one step closer to a job offer from your dream employer.

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