April 3, 2020

Best Practices for Remote Learning

During this unprecedented time, committing to practices like social distancing and self-isolation is responsible. Unfortunately, it can also make us feel alone, and unsupported - but you don’t have to feel isolated while self-isolating. In fact, when people learn new skills together, it builds strong connections and enhances the learning experience.

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of an invisible enemy but we believe that our power lies in how we respond to these changes. In the coming weeks, we can choose to resist change, or find a way to persevere through it.

In 1667, a Trinity College student Issac Newton (Prior to his Knighthood, and earning the title “Sir”) had to move back home when the Great Plague of London hit. During the time he spent away, Newton worked on mathematical equations that became the foundations of calculus. He also developed the theories of optics, gravity, and motion.

While we can’t all be Issac Newton, his experience proves that even the most difficult times can push us to evolve, and present us with an opportunity to learn. By following a few simple best practices for remote learning, you can set yourself up for success, and make this period as productive as possible.

1. Morning Ritual

When your living space suddenly becomes your work space, things can get weird. To prevent you from blurring the lines between working from home, and relaxing on your couch all day , start your day with some of the familiar routines! If, during your normal work week routine, you get up every morning to make breakfast and pack your lunch, consider keeping that routine as you work from home. While you can technically prepare your lunch anytime by walking to your kitchen, setting boundaries can help you set aside time for every task - ensuring that work time can remain work time, and lunch time is reserved for lunch.

2. Wardrobe

One of the benefits of working remotely is being in the comfort of your own home and wearing something you’re comfortable in. But during extended periods of quarantine, days can start blending together. It’s important to set a mental barrier between relaxation time and focus time. So, as you prepare to start the second part of your day, consider changing out of your PJ’s before heading out to “work”. Even this small effort can help you get into a new frame of mind and prepare for productivity - instead of sleep!

3. Environment

Setting up a designated work station is crucial to staying focused and for creating the much needed separation between work and home. Find a space in your home where you have access to things you need like a desk/table, outlet for a computer, or headphones for your calls. And most importantly, if you’re working from home for the first time, living with roommates/partner, or doubling as a homeschool teacher, discuss social interaction boundaries you need to incorporate during work hours.

4. Learn New Things

With all the time you’re likely saving by ditching your daily commute, the possibilities of how to use your newfound free time should feel exciting! You could update your website, work on a DIY project you’ve been wanting to finish, or learn new skills online.

To help celebrate your creativity and project tackling - this week, our team at Flatiron School launched the #ChangeThings challenge! Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of events to inspire you to create and share the things you’re learning. There’s no obligation to participate, no cost, and you can join the challenge at any time. We know that when people learn new skills together, it builds strong connections and enhances the learning experience. We see it in our students every day. That’s what the #ChangeThings challenge is all about. Tune into any of our weekly virtual workshops and community chats to share your thoughts or download our free bootcamp prep courses in coding, data science, and cybersecurity to explore new topics.

5. Connect With Community

During difficult times, maintaining a sense of community is key. While this time can feel lonely, It’s important to remember that we’re all facing a new reality, and adjusting to lifestyle changes together. It’s unprecedented territory, but it’s a shared experience. Though social distancing can make us feel like we’re growing further from the ones we love, don’t forget that technology allows us all to connect with new people online, check in on friends and family virtually, and join support groups to share experiences.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and maybe even pick up a hobby or two to fill your newfound free time Who knows? Maybe this could be the time you tap into your potential, discover a new passion, or pick up a new skill. After all, sometimes unforeseen changes spark amazing growth.

This post was sponsored by Flatiron School. To learn more about Flatiron School, visit flatironschool.com or check out their reviews on SwitchUp.

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