Bootcamp Projects that Get Students Hired

Fullstack Academy has been the first coding bootcamp to do a lot of things lately. They're the first to incubate alumni-founded startups, the first to offer a deferred tuition school for women, and now they're the first to live-stream student project demos for the whole world to see.

Why live-stream these presentations? Because Fullstack's first Remote Immersive cohort has just finished an action-packed 13 weeks of full-time instruction, and they're ready to show off their skills!

Part of what makes Fullstack's Immersive Program unique is the quality of portfolio pieces their students build. These complete web apps consistently wow hiring representatives from some of the biggest-name companies in tech.

Here's what these recent graduates dreamed up…


A 2015 Pew Research survey shows that millennials are increasingly willing to make friends over the Internet. In addition, psychological research suggests that humans experiencing VR via head-mounted displays perceive and interact with virtual spaces similar to the physical world. Based on these findings, we believe TranscendVR has the potential to add a new level of immersion to remote education.

Built by members of Fullstack Academy's first remote immersive cohort, TranscendVR provides public and semi-private spaces to help geographically distributed students interact and build friendships. Features include: integrated WebRTC-powered voice chat, an extensible system of inter-linked rooms, and customizable avatars (and cat GIFs).


What are you going to do for dinner tonight? Are you going to pull through the same drive-thru? Order the same delivery? Woe is you. You need some variety in your life. There are probably a dozen restaurants near you that you've never noticed, or thought to try.

That's why we made BiteSwipe! The app presents nearby restaurants one at a time, with the fun, Tinder-style card swiping mechanic that is familiar to many of us. You may be surprised how many restaurants will catch your eye, that you've driven past many times! After signing up, users can tell BiteSwipe what types of cuisines they enjoy, how much they want to pay, and how far they want to travel. These preferences are then saved to a database. When you're getting 'hangry,' you can bust out your phone, be swiping in seconds, and eating something new in minutes.

The app is currently available for download here:


CodeHuddle is a web app for practicing and conducting technical interviews remotely. It introduces a real-time collaborative environment, with a shared whiteboard and customizable text editor.

CodeHuddle also includes the ability for interviewers to plan and manage interviews, including selecting problem sets predefined by their organization.

But these awesome full-stack projects were just the beginning. Select students then presented individual hackathon presentations from week 8 of the program, as well as a few hyper-relevant tech talks. Topics ranged from an app that promotes women's advocacy in the workplace to running Node.js on the IBM mainframe…truly wild stuff! Feel free to grab a snack and watch the event recording below:

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