[Fullstack Academy] 5 Immersive Programs, 5 Amazing Career Outcomes

By: Daniel Weiss, Content Marketing Associate at Fullstack Academy
Last Updated: March 24, 2017

Fullstack Academy is now operating campuses in NYC and Chicago, as well as a live online immersive option. Programs range from a part-time immersive program in NYC, to The Grace Hopper Program, a deferred tuition school designed to combat the gender gap in tech engineering roles.

Regardless of timing and location, Fullstack students continue to see outstanding career results. These students have experienced exceptional career outcomes across all immersive tracks.

Sergio Gomez

Fullstack Chicago

Sergio shares a professional background similar to many Fullstack students. After studying business, he worked at tech companies in non-technical roles as a product manager and technology director. Always looking to grow personally and challenge himself intellectually, Sergio decided the next step in his career was to learn how to build the apps he previously only concepted. He set his sights on Fullstack Academy's Chicago immersive program.

Although living in Miami, Fullstack opening a Chicago campus serendipitously aligned with his plans to relocate to the Midwest. He gained the skills necessary to pass a selective admissions process by taking Fullstack's 4-week Bootcamp Prep course prior to submitting his full-time immersive application.

After 13 rigorous weeks at Fullstack's Chicago campus — located in 1871 Chicago — Sergio is now a front-end engineer at Solutions Group, one of the fastest growing software providers in the financial services industry!

Surabhi Nigam

Remote Immersive

After receiving both her bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science, Surabhi had worked as a software engineer in the Bay Area for three years before taking time off to care for her young children.

Seeking to re-enter the tech workforce with an updated skill set, Surabhi successfully applied for Fullstack Academy's Remote Immersive program in 2016. Attending Fullstack's Remote Immersive allowed her to sharpen her programming skills, learn in-demand technologies like React and Node.js, and build a portfolio of projects to showcase during an impending job search. (Check out her team's capstone project, CodeHuddle, a remote collaboration tool.)

The hard work has paid off just a few weeks after graduation, and Surabhi is now once again a working Software Engineer at Curated Care.

John Gruska

Part-Time "Flex" Immersive [NYC]

As an entrepreneur, John ran a company focusing on custom software solutions and personalized IT support. However, the inevitable outcome of this model was way too much support and not enough software. John felt it was time to shake-up his career with the backing of Fullstack Academy's curriculum and professional network.

By attending Fullstack's NYC-based part-time "Flex" Immersive program, John was able to continue operating his business during the 24-week core curriculum.

John was an experienced programmer before attending Fullstack, but the technologies he learned and skillful projects he created while a student on-campus helped him acquire his current position as a Software Engineer at Google.

Karen Abramowitz

The Grace Hopper Program

A Gender Studies major at Skidmore college, Karen harbored ambitions of working in software development for a while. She minored in computer science, but didn't pursue a technical career directly out of college, instead working in accounting while learning introductory C and C++ in her free time.

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy offered her the opportunity to definitively make the transition into an engineering role while paying no tuition until after securing a new career. Along the way, she created an awesome portfolio of applications in preparation for the job search — Bon Bon is a photo visualization tool for the modern traveler.

Karen successfully completed her professional transition and is now a software engineer at Capital One.

John Chen

Fullstack NYC

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2015, John self-taught himself HTML, CSS, and basic programming skills using free resources — enough so that he was able to start a freelance web-design business with one of his college classmates. But after pursuing contract work for a year, John knew that he'd need a more robust coding background to really excel in software engineering.

John attended Fullstack Academy in New York City to level-up his development skills and applied to remain on-campus for an additional three months as a teaching fellow. During this time, John not only mastered the technologies taught in Fullstack's core curriculum, but gained real-world development skills while working on Fullstack's internal learning software.

After the fellowship, John conducted a successful job search in the New York City area, and is now a Software Engineer at American Express!

For more information on Fullstack Academy and to map your personal path to a coding career, visit Fullstack Academy's Road to Code web app.

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