5 Unforgettable Projects Built by Students at Fullstack Academy

By: Emily Rose Prats, Content Marketer at Fullstack Academy
Last Updated: May 1, 2020

One of the best ways to judge a coding bootcamp is by the quality of projects its students are able to build. To land a great engineering job, you need to have more than just cutting-edge skills... You have to be able to demonstrate you have them through impressive projects.

Students at Fullstack Academy use their advanced JavaScript skills to create three stunning portfolio pieces during the project phase of the course. The ultimate project students complete is the all-important 'Capstone,' which is presented to prospective employers during Fullstack's Hiring Day event. These apps are the culmination of Fullstack students' hard work after a challenging and in-depth curriculum.

Check out some of our recent favorite projects, and see what you too could make with a Fullstack JavaScript education! Be sure to check out more cool projects here.

Full-Time Immersive Cohorts are now offered in New York City and Chicago.

Girder Gus

Girder Gus is an in-browser, 2D platformer game where you walk on walls and build bridges to collect all of Gus's lost tools.

Featuring seamless gravity switching, a powerful and easy-to-use level editor, and a community of other builders, Girder Gus provides unlimited entertainment. Play your friends levels, then once you master the mechanics, make your own to share with friends. Engage in a social network inspired by Mario Maker and work your way to the #1 slot on the Top Creator rankings, or play mindbending stages and experience a new dimension of construction.

Advanced features include OAuth with Google, "forking" levels to put your own spin on them, serverside screenshot generation, and a Girder Ghost that will play back your movements from a previous run.

Reel Cool

Turn your assorted video clips into awesome movies, right from your browser, with Reel Cool. Simply upload your videos from your desktop or your phone, and start editing right away. Reel Cool allows you to cut, add filters, stitch everything together, and see the results in real-time. Even more fun is the automatic movie generator with built-in themes that can instantly transform any collection into an evocative masterpiece. You can download a copy of any movie you make to keep or share with the world.


Streaming has changed the way people listen to music, giving anyone with an internet connection easy access to huge song libraries through services like YouTube and Spotify. Unfortunately, using these services means managing music in multiple tabs, across multiple sites, resulting in a fragmented listening experience. With Cohearence, users now have one location from which they can access and playback all of the music they stream. Cohearence remembers what users listen to on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp, and then lets them play back any song they've previously listened to from a source-agnostic player built into a Chrome Extension. Users can also playback or manage their playlists and music library from the Cohearence web application, which is totally synchronized with the extension.

Dance Dance Evolution

DDE is a smooth and fun rhythm dance game for the browser in the style of Dance Dance Revolution. Now that Adobe has finally dropped support for Flash, Dance Dance Evolution is the only supported rhythm dance game on the browser. We wanted to make a rhythm game online that you could play with your keyboard or USB gamepad.


Tamarafi is a Tamagotchi inspired pet whose fitness reflects the fitness of the user. Tamarafi synchs with the user's fitness tracking device and collects the user's fitness metrics. The app encourages the user to meet their fitness goals through several mechanics: The pet's fitness will mirror that of the user. The creature's appearance will change depending on whether the user is meeting his or her goals. Achieving goals will earn the user points which he or she can use to purchase items in the store, such as hats, clothes and furniture for the pet. Users can post messages for one another and play competitive mini-games based on the in-game fitness levels of their pets.


A 2015 Pew Research survey shows that millennials are increasingly willing to make friends over the Internet. In addition, psychological research suggests that humans experiencing VR via head-mounted displays perceive and interact with virtual spaces similar to the physical world. Based on these findings, we believe TranscendVR has the potential to add a new level of immersion to remote education.

Built by members of Fullstack Academy's first remote immersive cohort, TranscendVR provides public and semi-private spaces to help geographically distributed students interact and build friendships. Features include: integrated WebRTC-powered voice chat, an extensible system of inter-linked rooms, and customizable avatars (and cat GIFs).


What are you going to do for dinner tonight? Are you going to pull through the same drive-thru? Order the same delivery? Woe is you. You need some variety in your life. There are probably a dozen restaurants near you that you've never noticed, or thought to try.

That's why we made BiteSwipe! The app presents nearby restaurants one at a time, with the fun, Tinder-style card swiping mechanic that is familiar to many of us. You may be surprised how many restaurants will catch your eye, that you've driven past many times! After signing up, users can tell BiteSwipe what types of cuisines they enjoy, how much they want to pay, and how far they want to travel. These preferences are then saved to a database. When you're getting 'hangry,' you can bust out your phone, be swiping in seconds, and eating something new in minutes.


CodeHuddle is a web app for practicing and conducting technical interviews remotely. It introduces a real-time collaborative environment, with a shared whiteboard and customizable text editor.

CodeHuddle also includes the ability for interviewers to plan and manage interviews, including selecting problem sets predefined by their organization.

But these awesome full-stack projects were just the beginning. Select students then presented individual hackathon presentations from week 8 of the program, as well as a few hyper-relevant tech talks. Topics ranged from an app that promotes women's advocacy in the workplace to running Node.js on the IBM mainframe…truly wild stuff! Feel free to grab a snack and watch the event recording below:

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