What was Diana Sánchez's experience at Springboard?

By: Taitum Ridgway
Last Updated: October 24, 2019

We're pleased to announce one of the winners of SwitchUp's gift card giveaway, Diana Sánchez!

Diana is a graduate of Springboard, with a background in fashion, and management. After attending some tech professional meetups in Berlin, she decided to take the leap into a UX design bootcamp. With help from Springboard, Diana landed a new job as a UX design trainee!

We sat down with Diana to learn more about her experience at Springboard, and her advice for students considering enrolling in a bootcamp!

1. Tell me about your background. What was your educational experience before joining Springboard?

I have a Bachelor's degree in fashion design and a Master's in European Management

2. What made you decide to pursue a career in tech?

I love the tech environment, especially in a city like Berlin, where I live. I went to a lot of Meetups and got to know a lot of cool people that helped me make the decision to switch.

3. Why did you decide to attend Springboard? What were your goals for the program?

My goal was to decide if I was willing to commit to a career in tech and if I could see myself doing this kind of work every day. Also to understand what it takes to be a UX Designer.

4. There are an increasing number of available bootcamps. Why did you decide to choose this program over others?

I thought the Springboard program offered a lot of content and the price was fair. I also liked the fact that you can combine it with work and do it at your own pace.

5. For you, what were the pros and cons of attending a bootcamp?

Pros: Having a weekly talk with your mentor, self-paced study, flexibility.

Cons: Not being able to interact in person with other peers or have a team to work with.

6. Tell me a little bit about the course structure. What did you like best about the environment and teaching style?

I liked the variety of information and all the sources the course offers. My mentor was an incredible motivator to finish my project!

7. How did this program prepare you for a career in tech?

It showed me what a career in UX design can look like and the basic theory. My mentor helped me gain confidence in my skills.

8. What challenges did you overcome to get where you are?

It's hard to keep the pace, especially if you have a bad week, holidays or a busy schedule at work, so it requires a lot of discipline and commitment!

9. Tell us about what’s next. How do you plan to use your newfound skills as you build your career?

I have found a job and I am currently working as a trainee in UX design.

10. What advice do you have for people who are interested in attending a bootcamp?

It's great if you are willing to put some effort and hard work! I think is also important to be super interested in the topic and read or inform yourself next to the materials you receive in the Bootcamp.

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