What was Sean Traci's experience at Evolve Security Academy?

By: Taitum Ridgway
Last Updated: January 16, 2020

We're pleased to announce one of the winners of SwitchUp's gift card giveaway, Sean Traci!

Sean is a graduate of Evolve Security Academy, with a background in pharmaceuticals and the health industry. With an underlying interest in tech, and self-taught hacking experience, Sean decided to break into cybersecurity. With help from Evolve, Sean is currently seeking a position as a cybersecurity engineer!

We sat down with Sean to learn more about his experience at Evolve, his advice for students considering enrolling in a bootcamp, and more!

1. Tell me about your background. What was your educational experience before joining Evolve Security Academy?

I have an MBA and worked in the Pharma and nutrition industry.

2. What made you decide to pursue a career in tech?

I have always had a great interest in tech. I began hacking on my own about 5 years ago and decided to formalize the education of my hobby.

3. Why did you decide to attend Evolve Security Academy? What were your goals for the program?

Evovle was clearly the best program after interviewing several others. Their program was the most current in terms of tools and closeness to the industry. My goal was to be exposed to the most current approaches and tools in cybersecurity.

4. There are an increasing number of available bootcamps. Why did you decide to choose this program over others?

Evolve has the most “real” hackers in their ranks and therefore provided the best real world experience I could have asked for.

5. For you, what were the pros and cons of attending a bootcamp?

The pro was the quick exposure to this dynamic industry, but the ride was very very intense. I was glad to have done a considerable amount of work before the cohort in python and networking.

6. Tell me a little bit about the course structure. What did you like best about the environment and teaching style?

The course is set up to bring you into the industry at a good pace. The teachers made sure EVERYONE stayed on track. They were so helpful. I couldn’t have graduated without their customized approach to my challenges.

7. How did this program prepare you for a career in tech?

They gave us real world experience. The teachers have actually worked in this industry and cut through the rhetoric and taught us what was practical to take us forward.

8. What challenges did you overcome to get where you are?

I minimized the challenges, by preparing well for this bootcamp. I also became obsessed with cybersecurity. I am fully immersed in this amazing industry and so glad I went with Evolve.

9. Tell us about what’s next. How do you plan to use your newfound skills as you build your career?

What is next is finding an amazing position with a dynamic company. I know I will take my new skills and build a great career because of Evolve.

10. What advice do you have for people who are interested in attending a bootcamp?

My advice is be ready for the immersion!

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