March 20, 2020

How Coding Bootcamp Projects Prove Your Worth to Employers

Explore Fullstack Academy student projects to see what they have created to get hired.

We get it. Coding bootcamps can seem way too good to be true. How can someone go in with NO experience programming and emerge just 17 weeks later ready for a job as a developer? Don't people go to school for years to get to that point?

As unbelievable as it may seem, it is true and coding bootcamps do work—and we'll let you in on a little secret: Because students often enter bootcamp with no background in STEM or Computer Science, it's the projects they work on throughout the program that enable bootcamp grads to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and newfound skills to potential employers—and ultimately get hired.

The increasing demand for programmers has changed the way the landscape looks. Hiring practices are different, the education model is always evolving, and coding bootcamps have emerged to effectively meet the needs of both employer and student. The proof here is in the pudding—or, more appropriately in this case, in the projects.

Coding Bootcamp Projects Demonstrate Your Understanding

Projects are a major part of the curriculum here at Fullstack. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, so we split time between lectures, pair programming, and project-based learning. This ultimately benefits you—if you didn't have any related work experience on your resume, you might be a tough sell to an employer, but working on projects allows you to show you have the skills required for web development work.

Your project doesn't necessarily have to be related to the field you want to go into, either—employers mainly want to see that you have a solid work ethic and an understanding of how technologies function together. That's because this is actually what programmers do—contribute a small bit of code that works with all the other bits of code to yield one unified piece of technology, whether that's a database, a web app, or anything in between.

Here to show you exactly what we mean are six projects, all built by students who had no prior experience in the industry before coming to Fullstack or Grace Hopper. Compare what they were doing before they came to bootcamp with what they were able to build after 17 weeks here, and you'll have your answer to the question of whether bootcamps work.


Alexa-friendly app for cooking and shopping assistance

Have you ever been trying to follow a recipe on your phone or computer while cooking? Swiping on your phone or mousepad with food-covered hands is neither fun nor easy. Enter: SousAIs, your Alexa-paired sous chef. Sous will record your groceries as you put them away, find new recipes for you to try that feature those ingredients, and guide you through the recipe you choose at your own pace. No more sticky phones in the kitchen!

Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

  • Tennis instructor
  • Medical coder
  • Political campaign assistant
  • Retail manager
  • This eclectic group of grads found common ground in their love of cooking, and their disparate backgrounds and lack of programming experience didn't stop them from identifying a gap in the market and building an app we'd all love to have access to tonight. On the contrary, their diverse backgrounds helped them see their project from different user perspectives and design for a broad audience.

    Money Mentor

    Personalized budget recommendations and money management

    There are lots of money apps out there, but it's hard to find one you actually want to use. Money Mentor offers fun, engaging visuals and a personality quiz that helps the app tailor article recommendations and spending limits to your personality type.

    Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

    • Paralegal
    • Server
    • Structural engineer
    • Risk manager

    The Money Mentor team drew from their experience working with money—seeing up-close how people spend (and regret having spent), having to maintain budgets at work, and offering financial advice—as well as their histories of needing help budgeting themselves. In this case, their former lives all helped these grads create an app that can solve very real budgeting anxieties for everyday people.


    Easy nutrition tracking

    Figuring out the exact nutritional data of what you're eating can be challenging. If you've used nutrition apps in the past, you know how burdensome it can be to search for each individual food item and track the amount you consumed, which makes it harder to reach your ultimate goal: healthy eating habits and weight maintenance. With Viewtrition, you simply snap a photo of your meal and the app does the hard work for you, even tracking macro ratios and vitamin and mineral intake.

    Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

    • Graphic designer
    • Photographer
    • Scuba instructor
    • Social media manager

    Understanding photography, design, the new landscape of crowdsourcing and sharing, and physical fitness led the Viewtrition team to create a nutrition app that uses machine learning to cut out the work of calorie counting and macrobiotic eating and let users get right to their health goals.


    Real-time translation for Skype

    Where would you travel to if language wasn't a barrier? AutoLingo allows you to virtually visit 255 countries and connect with people around the world. Both messages and video chats are translated in real time so that both parties involved can understand in their native language.

    Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

    • French translator
    • Data analyst
    • Accountant

    It's easy to see how one team member's work as a translator drove this project, but this whole group had an interest in language—which is what led them to study the language of JavaScript in the first place. It was only natural, then, for them to create a real-time language app to enable individuals of different backgrounds to communicate "one-on-one" with the help of just a "neutral" translator: a robot ; )

    On My Line

    Activity finder for things on your subway stop

    We all have that friend who doesn't want to meet up unless you pick a spot on her train line. Or maybe you're that friend. In any case, On My Line works with Yelp, MeetUp, and Google Places to recommend restaurants, museums, and events specific to your train line. You can connect with friends to share recommendations and the best part is, it works offline, so you can use it while you're actually on the subway with no service.

    Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

    • Events assistant
    • Wine cellar intern
    • English teacher

    The On My Line team drew more than anything on their experience as New Yorkers— namely, trying to minimize commute time while maximizing social time. (It's especially important in a full-time bootcamp program to optimize the time you spend socializing, as your non-bootcamp time is limited and precious.) The entire team also had some experience planning get-togethers—whether working in the events industry specifically, being part of different events as a wine merchant, or organizing field trips for students—and were able to use their prior knowledge to inform the tech they built with their new JavaScript skills.


    Enhancing location-based experiences by associating memories with a location

    Blacklight allows a user to leave a secret, story, or memory at a geotagged location so other users can access it through an AR reality treasure hunt.

    Prior jobs held by students on this team include:

    • Music producer
    • Violin teacher
    • Guitar tech
    • Cinematographer

    Given the backgrounds of the students on this team, it's no surprise they wanted to combine art and technology for their project. But their ambition went even further, as in addition to using the JavaScript technologies they learned at Fullstack, they took advantage of the online medium they were working in to learn AR libraries and produce an advanced AR app.

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