June 24, 2020

Industries that are Still Hiring

The job market has been hit hard by the global pandemic, but there are still specific industries in the tech space that are thriving in the midst of these tumultuous times. Certain tech companies have remained stable and have even grown because their products and services are in demand. Many of these technology companies also allow the ability to work remotely, which has provided a smooth transition and little to no disruptions of productivity.

Now is the best time to leverage remote tech education opportunities at Thinkful so that you can find a role that gives flexibility and room for growth. Want to know the industries that are still thriving?


Due to heightened health concerns around the world, the healthcare sector will always be in need of technology talent. Health organizations will always need products and tools, and people are always searching for virtual tools to satisfy their physical and mental health needs, especially now. All of these require technical expertise.


Financial resources are important tools that can inform and protect communities, especially during an economic downturn. Positions such as software engineers, designers, and product managers are necessary to maintain and improve financial products that help people understand and control their finances.

Business Tools

Data analysis, data science, and data visualization is extremely important in emergency management, racial/gender/demographic data collection, and public service allocation. Software platforms that analyze a multitude of data sets are pivotal in dispersing the proper resources to the right groups in need.


Because many large gatherings have been paused, online shopping and food delivery services are experiencing higher volumes than ever. In order to provide seamless user shopping experiences, it takes a dedicated team of designers, marketers, engineers, and other technical talents to keep e-commerce platforms running smoothly.

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