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Houston Coding Academy

Courses: 101 Intro to Web, ACA Remote



About Houston Coding Academy

Houston Coding Academy is part of Austin Coding Academy. To learn more about courses and read alumni reviews, please visit Austin Coding Academy on SwithchUp.

The courses are aimed towards aspiring developers and entrepreneurs, and teaches the skills needed... Read More

Graduates will be familiar with HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Git, JavaScript, and project development. Houston Coding Academy teaches Express, MongoDB, SQL, Deployment, Authentication, APIs, and Node in the advanced class. Students will create basic web applications capable of processing user input, storing and manipulating data, and communicating with external services. Job readiness prep is also incorporated into the curriculum weekly. Houston Coding Academy is in partnership with Austin Coding Academy, and students can pay for one class at a time, spreading out the cost as they take the course.

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101 Intro to Web

  • Cost: $3,490
  • Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Houston
Course Description:

This is our Intro course, designed to take true beginners to a level of fluency with HTML and CSS that will allow them to build professional, well designed, responsive websites.

Our Intro level course is the starting point for all three of our tracks and designed for people who are starting with little or no experience coding. By the end of this level students can build functional and professional quality websites as well as basic JavaScript apps, and can use these skills to begin freelancing or to get started as a web designer.

This class is designed for someone who is brand new to writing code or has dabbled with a few online tutorials like Codecademy and have found they are ready to really solidify their knowledge base in website development.

ACA Remote

  • Cost: $3,490
  • Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Houston
Course Description:

In partnership with Austin Coding Academy, HCA uses remote technology to allow students from anywhere in the world to experience class as if they were present in person. In addition to live lectures, Q&A’s and project support, our remote students can attend remote office hours to receive one-on-one tutoring. They can interact with other students, and the instructor can even take over their computer to help them out of a jam. ACA Remote is a great option for someone who does not live in Austin.

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