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Online, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, London

About Makers Academy

Makers Academy is a highly selective 12 week, full-time program (preceded by a four-week pre-course) which teaches web development. Based in London, England the course is delivered fully remotely and is open to anyone in the world who meets the coding... Read More

The course has been designed by a team of inspirational software engineers with strong backgrounds in educational psychology, enabling students to master any technology in today's marketplace. As big believers in self-directed learning, students finish the course as a confident and independent software engineer ready to hit the ground running.

There's a focus on life-long learning skills, while the course includes technical tests, working on open-source code or even working with the Makers engineering team on live, real-world, production code.

We have an incredibly popular emotional intelligence curriculum as well, with virtual yoga and meditation support, because world-class software developers are great communicators and collaborators as well as great coders.

Makers has the largest dedicated career coaching team in the industry providing 1:1 support to help you launch your tech career. We have relationships with over 250 of London’s top technology companies looking to hire (including but not limited to Deliveroo, British Gas, Starling Bank, Financial Times, Compare The, and Tesco). We also have the largest alumni network in the UK.

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Web Development Bootcamp

  • Cost: £8,000
  • Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, London
Course Description:

Firsthand Experience

Forget rote learning and slow progress. You'll be learning from world class developers and immediately implementing the concepts into your own projects. Be prepared to drink from the firehose.

Community-driven Classrooms

During your hands on training, we invite engineers from top tech companies to guide you. You'll be learning while simultaneously networking with key members in the technology community.


Students spend about 50-70% of their time pair programming, meaning two people working together on the same code base. Pairing is a fantastic way to learn new concepts and studies have shown developer output to INCREASE when developers pair program.

Project-Based Work

While the first half of the course focuses on the fundamentals of Web Development and the Ruby Language, the second half focuses heavily on students creating real-life projects. You will leave the course with at least 3 complete pieces of work for your portfolio, as well as a bulging Github account and plenty of points on Stack Overflow.

Makers Academy Reviews

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(320 reviews)
  • Anonymous | Associate Software Developer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"Life changing experience that resulted in me landing a dream job"

The coaches were excellent throughout, very patient and forthcoming whenever I reached out to them (in the designated times to do so). At times it felt like the course was moving at breakneck speed however I felt fully supported throughout and enjoyed... Read More

  • Danielle Inkster
  • Graduated: 2019

Overall Score


Job Support

"A life-changing experience"

Overall, I had a very positive experience at Makers. It was challenging, and sometimes incredibly frustrating, but my Makers experience helped me to develop both technical and soft skills that have served me well. I'd like to reiterate what others have... Read More

  • Harry Mumford | Junior Full Stack Engineer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"Great learning environment"

Makers is a very friendly environment with great people. There is a good balance between set structure and self learning. Careers team really want you to get a job and will go out of their way to help you.

Some sections of the course could be... Read More

  • Louis Kirkham
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"No regrets"

You've had a dabble learning a programming language and decided you enjoy it - so the next step according to the internet is to get a portfolio, start contributing to open source projects and networking. If you are reading this review, then you likely... Read More

- Makers breeds confidence. A makers mantra is they teach you how to learn. A successful graduate will come out of the bootcamp feeling they are able to learn any programming language/framework and have the tools to debug any error in their code.

- Makers prioritises good practice over results which in turn promotes long term stability and improvement. You will be writing Test Driven Development and learning important principles from day 1 which adds an additional step to your initial learning but is intended to form habits that you will use throughout your career.

- Makers reduces fear and allows you to try. There are no penalties for getting things wrong so you are encouraged to attempt and give your best effort. Coaches and your fellow students are supportive.

- The Makers course is unashamedly hard but absolutely achievable. The pace is rapid (which is a sign that a lot of material is crammed in) and you feel uncomfortable for almost the whole 3 months. Each week introduces something new, so just as you begin to feel comfortable you move on and are learning a fresh concept or language. The only time for reinforcement and practice are weekends and evenings, so you have to prioritise between the extra work or rest, which is just as important to well-being and overall success.

- Makers places the responsibility on you. 10-20% of the course is coach led workshops to introduce new concepts. The rest is self learning and pair programming. It's the equivalent of paying a personal trainer who shows you where the cross-trainer is and hands you an instruction manual. The concept is clear, you will only progress if you are committed and there will be a time when the trainer is no longer around so you need to be able to understand how to continue alone.

- Makers won't make you a developer or guarantee you a job. There is so much work you have to do for yourself. It is very unlikely you will complete all the course material within the time frame but Makers gives you a platform to build from and to continue learning and strengthening your skills. Completing a bootcamp gives no indication of your ability as a programmer so you will likely still need to build your own personal portfolio to showcase your development as well as prove your ability in interview.

- Makers is a valuable resource for finding a job. During the course you will undertake tech test pratice (as long as you want to) and have code reviews so you are constantly improving those future skills. Post graduation you have access to hiring partners who will hire bootcamp graduates as well as fellow alumni for networking and job vacancy links.

- The remote learning does work but is not perfect. One reason you might be considering Makers is the focus on wellbeing with yoga and meditation sessions but these add more screen time to a schedule where you might be at a screen for 7+ hours. Pairing remotely also ties you to a screen for longer periods than you might be comfortable with. I imagine if I had studied in location it would have been a more well-rounded experience due to the social aspect and activites outside of the programming, but I would have had less time to devote to studying.

  • Gina Frankel | Software engineer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"Makers ensures you learn best practices and will give you a great foundation in software development."

I loved Makers Academy. I found that they really cared about their students and made a huge effort to help us learn and get a job.

- Self-led + collaborative learning with peers
- Experiential learning through challenges and group work
- Workshops... Read More

Code Quality:
Makers has a large focus on writing code that is readable and can be changed easily. They have a large focus teach on Test Driven Development and teaching you problem-solving techniques specific to coding to ensure that that code you write is of high quality as well as best practices to use when working in an agile team. This is definitely one of the things that set makers apart from just studying yourself. Whenever I have done tutorials they have taught me how to apply technology, but they have not taught me anything about object-oriented principles, clean code, or git.

Soft Skills:
There is a large focus on soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence. There are lots of workshops on helping you with this, and there is a wellbeing coach too who can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed. At first, I thought all this focus on wellbeing is really nice and important to me but is it actually going to help me get a job. But it turns out companies really value this.

Job Support:
There is a lot of support in helping you get a job. There are 2 career coaches who will help you write your CV and perfect your cover letter. For the first month, they offer workshops on how to write technical CV's, cover letter and use LinkedIn. Also there is an option to join group projects, which are facilitated by one of the Makers coaches. You can join these if you want to ensure you are upskilling. Makers also have companies who directly go to them. These companies range in size from startups to very large companies. They are of high quality and really understand what you as a Bootcamp student can offer and also know what they need to invest in you. From my experience, it was much easier to get an interview with these companies than applying externally. However, because of Covid, there are a lot fewer jobs, and thus a lot fewer companies going through makers. I did find though, in the last 2 months, Makers was getting a lot more companies. Again with the job support you have to be pro-active, especially after the first month and ask the job coaches to help you.

If you are someone who is pro-active and can self-learn then Makers is perfect, as it will ensure you learn best practices and will give you a great foundation in software development.

  • Benedetta Arinci | Solutions Engineer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"A great experience!"

Going through Makers was the best decision I've ever made. It's life-changing.
Not because they are teaching you how to become a software developer but because they are giving you everything you need for becoming one on your own.
I found great support... Read More

  • Anonymous | Test Analyst
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"Great experience and couldn't have gotten onto the job scene without the course"

I was a grad who wanted to get into coding more, but wasn't able to pick up any jobs with my little experience in coding. This course provided me with the fundamentals to learn more and more and get a job.

The staff are lovely, friendly and helpful. But... Read More

The course is intense, I coded pretty much everyday for 12 weeks as well as doing the 4 weeks pre-course. But there is no better way to learn and this certainly proved that. You have to be prepared to put the time in to learn and improve, especially on weekends to consolidate what you learnt in the week.

  • Zsofia Szonyi | Associate Software Engineer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"Life-changing experience"

Joining Makers was the best decision I've made recently.

When I decided to change my career I started to teach myself to code on the frontend. I was hitting walls during my learning but I was hesitant at first to take it further and enrol a bootcamp because... Read More

I based the decision to join Makers on the unique curriculum that contains topics that make you stand out among all the aspiring software engineers (TDD, Agile methodology, modelling, extreme programming and more). In addition, during the course I learnt how to effectively work in a software engineering team, how to plan and track my learning, and about good processes in general.
Learning is mostly self-led with workshops and tutor's support when required. This means you effectively learn how to learn, but it can be frustrating and it may not be everyone's learning style.

Makers have an amazing career support system for graduates, and they really try to help you find that first software engineering role. There are workshops on writing CVs, cover letters, interviewing etc, and coaching sessions after the course.

  • Victor Vallet | Founder & CTO
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"The best experience I ever had"

Joining Makers in May 2020 has been the best decision I made in my life, and here are the reasons :

Teamwork. In my whole educational background, from Business School to University, I never learned how to properly work in a team. At Makers, from Day 1,... Read More

Track learning. In the same way, I have never been taught how to properly keep track of my learning before Makers. We discovered a wide range of tools such as Trello or GitHub to be able to write down our new learnings, our daily and weekly goals, and even our areas of further development. I'm now CTO of my own startup, and I could not imagine working without my Trello board now!

Self-learning. Although the course focuses on teamwork, it also required us to work a lot on our own. This involved reading a lot (articles, GitHub courses), looking up a lot of concepts and issues on StackOverflow, watching videos, and online courses to go always further! Being curious and motivated is also the clue when joining Makers and is part of the journey.

Support. During the whole course, I have been helped by a lot of people at Makers. Firstly, by my peer group, when I was not feeling really good or experienced issues with something. Then, the whole May cohort on daily issues. And finally by the coaches that gave me advice on both course-related issues and personal ones. After the course, I also took benefit from the Slack community which was the perfect way to reach out to the coaches or my fellow Makers!

Coding the good way. Before joining Makers, I started to learn JavaScript on my own to develop the platform of our business. I followed Udemy and Code Academy courses, did some reading, and learned by doing. Yet, I knew I was not really coding the good way: my code was not DRY at all, had some repetitions, and above all, it was not tested... At Makers, I learned that before writing a single line of code, you NEED to test it. Then you can build a code that is perfectly tested and performant. This was a totally new approach for me and when I went back to my business it helped a lot!

Modeling. In the same way, I used to code straight without really knowing the variables at stake or even the main goal. During the course, I have been taught to write down every variables (classes, methods, objects) involved in my program before writing my first line of code. This has been so so useful in my personal project, and I always start with modeling before coding now!

In short, joining Makers Academy has really been the best experience I ever had. I totally change my way of thinking, working, coding, and approaching an issue. A warm thank you to everyone that contributed to this amazing journey with me.

  • Steven Klavins | Full Stack Developer
  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

Overall Score


Job Support

"A Challenging Course In Challenging Times"

Considering attending Makers? Well, you're in the right place! Hopefully, my review can help give you some valuable insight and help you make a decision with confidence.

Last year I took a huge risk and left the stability of my job to pursue a career... Read More

So, what was it like joining Makers? 
I knew early on my experience at Makers would differ largely from previous cohorts. The semester commenced right as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK hard, we were officially in full lockdown. Ultimately this resulted in my cohort only physically being on campus for one day, the remainder of the lectures were hosted via Zoom calls. This said, if you're reading this further down the line, your experience could differ largely from mine! 
Prior to attending the course, you are required to complete a fairly easy-going interview. This interview consists of an introduction and some very basic questions about the Ruby language. (You will be using Ruby for the first half of the course and later be introduced to JavaScript. Ultimately however you can explore any tech you want for your final project.) 

Following the interview, clear instructions are provided and you will be assigned some basic technical tests. Providing you complete your tests you will then be enrolled to attend the main portion of the course. I highly recommend you take advantage of this time to get to know your cohort. During this time my fellow Makers were a wonderful source of support and I had the chance to form some very meaningful friendships. 
As previously mentioned you start the course using Ruby and I was admittedly a little put off by this. If you are London based and know the job market Ruby is not a popular choice, however, I was missing the point. Ruby is used by Makers to illustrate the concepts of programming as it's a clear and simple language to get to grips with. The further you get into your development career the more you will realise the concepts of programming play a much larger role than syntax does.

What you cover in the main portion of the course
You will cover;
Object orientated programming, Test-driven development
Agile/XP principles
Ruby, JavaScript
Rails, NodeJs, 
PostgreSQL, SQL, Mongo DB
RSpec, Jasmine, Capybara
Anything else you wish to learn 

A friendly warning: as the main portion of the course is only 3 months long it is very intense. You will have to work very hard during this time to keep up, however, you will be provided with a lot of support too. During your time at Makers, you will learn not only how to code, but you will also learn how to look after yourself and manage workloads. Makers emphasise the importance of looking after your mental health, daily meditation sessions were on offer, and prior to lockdown yoga sessions too! You will address subjects such as imposters syndrome, burnout, and anxiety as it's something we all deal with at some point in our career.

During the course I found Makers did something very unique, you learn how to learn. Yes, you heard that right! The tech industry is a very fast-moving one and having an effective learning process is paramount, 'What do I need to learn?' is a very ambiguous question. I feel a lot of courses out there neglect this factor and Makers does a great job of addressing the subject. 

Preparing yourself for the job market 
Makers did a fantastic job at helping us write a good CV, every job I got a response for would comment on how well written it was. We had workshops on platforms such as LinkedIn and support preparing for interviews. However, I have to confess I felt a little out of the loop during the job hunting process. Morning check-ins were available but ultimately it felt like a rather isolated task searching for work. It would have been great if there were more post-course up-skilling workshops, just something to help prevent people from stagnating. 

During this period I recommend continuing to pursue projects with your cohort and supporting each other. Keep in touch, don't drop off the grid, and keep learning!  

Pros and cons

You will be fast-tracked to getting your first developer role, providing you put in the work.
Wonderful culture and friendly staff. 
Internal job applications are available via Makers recruiters.
You have the chance to meet industry experts. 
You get to meet like-minded people and form meaningful friendships. 
You remain part of the Makers alumnus even after the course is finished.
You get support writing a great CV for your first job.

The course is a very intense experience and may be overwhelming for some. 
The course cost is a fairly hefty lump of cash, however a similar price to others of its kind. (£8000).
No option to work on-site at present (11/11/20) (However this is out of Maker's hands due to Covid in fairness).
The course is aimed at web development, which may be a pro or con depending on what you're looking for. 
There were few jobs to apply for through Makers (Again I believe this to be due to the Covid pandemic).

In summary, would I recommend makers? 
The short answer is yes, I would, but it depends. 
Are you dedicated and enthusiastic about development?
Are you looking for a challenging career with continuous up-skilling? 
Are you willing to put the time in to learn the skills?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, I would say with all honesty this is not the course for you. If your answers are all yes go for it and don't look back!

I hope you found this review helpful and informative, I am at present employed leaving the course and my career prospects are looking very bright.
Thank you for reading!


Makers Academy's average rating is 4.72 out of 5.0 based on 320 review(s).

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