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About UX Design Institute

Location: Online

The UX Design Institute offers 6 month, online training in user experience design. Launched in 2017 as the world's first and only university accredited online Professional Diploma in UX Design in association with Glasgow Caledonian University, The UX... Read More

The course is conducted fully online through videos, webinars and a Slack channel where students can ask questions, share tips and resources. Their courses are overseen by an Industry Advisory Council to ensure relevance. The UX Design Institute has partnered with Glasgow Caledonian University to make sure they meet the highest educational standards.

Students can expect to learn ten comprehensive modules in the course that cover all the aspects of best practice UX design:
1. Introduction to UX Design
2. User Research
3. User Goals
4. Structure and Navigation
5. Interactions
6. Design Principles
7. Design Patterns
8. Mobile
9. Workflows
10. Prototyping and Wireframing


Certificate in Software and Coding Fundamentals for UX

Cost: £850
Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

During the course, students learn about the key concepts and processes involved in software development. You'll understand how code works, so that you can collaborate more effectively with developers.

UX Design

Professional Certificate in UI Design

Cost: £1,750
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Improve your UI skills with our Professional Certificate in UI Design. Master the UI and visual design skills needed to create beautiful, functional user interfaces. During the course students learn everything from brand and personality, typography, colour and imagery to presenting your designs online through video. Working on a responsive banking application, students get the opportunity to work through a full UI design process guided by live online group sessions with an experienced mentor.

UI Design

Professional Diploma in UX Design

Cost: £2,950
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The course that we offer is the Professional Diploma in UX Design. The course is conducted fully online through videos, webinars and a Slack channel where students can ask questions, share tips and resources with each other etc. The students are given a UX case study which they then follow right throughout the whole design process, so they also have a solid portfolio to display at the end of the course. There are 12 projects along the way, and the course finishes with a 2 hour exam. This programs is the only UX institute which offers a university accredited qualification online - accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University.

Design Principles, UI Design, UX Design

UX Design Institute Reviews

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4.75/5 (134 reviews)

Woobie Cheung
Graduated: 2019




Job Support

"Good starting point into UX!"

I learned how to do UX research step by step. And how should I think about the project,
it's different from the design concept.
It helps me learn to start a project with another point of view and research.
I am not sure about the methods of research... Read More

It will be great if there are more case study to let us follow the case step by step.
Then will be easier for us to catch up the step and how the result affects the project.

Project Manager | Graduated: 2019


Professional Diploma in UX Design



Job Support

"Professional Diploma in UX Design"

These Course is one of the best Courses out there i found to the Topic UX!
It is well structured, had a great, no a perfect online Plattform, and the best is, the famous support! If you Need help. you get help and These from slack or the Institute UX Staff... Read More

I can highly recommend the "UX Design Institute - Professional Diploma in UX Design" - i look Forward to get more online coruses from These Institute, it will be the best for me so flexibility, People and help, and the most important Thing at all the Course is so practic oriented, you get a bit Theory yes, but here is work to do and that makes These Course so valuable for me and helped me to get deeper in the skillset and mindset i Need for later UX Design Tasks.

Thank you all UX Design Institute & Team

Best Regards from switzerland

Paloma Sánchez
eCommerce Product Manager | Graduated: 2019


Professional Diploma in UX Design



Job Support

"Diseño de procesos UX UI"

Me ha encantado! Aprendí mucho sobre los procesos de diseño de productos y servicios, así como los flujos. Ha llevado unos cuantos meses pero ha merecido la pena.
Desde los Customer Journey, los prototipados, el Visual Thinking... Lo recomiendo muchísimo.... Read More

Graduated: 2018


Professional Diploma in UX Design



Job Support

"UX Design - Great Experience"

This course is self paced and Springboard did a great job of estimating the amount of work necessary per week to get me to my desired completion date. I needed/wanted to complete the UX Design course in three months and their curriculum plan (with timing)... Read More

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