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App Academy and Hack Reactor bootcamps can be completed part-time, full-time, online, or on-campus. Both have locations in New York City and San Francisco, but Hack Reactor also has campus options in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle. App Academy programs last 16-24 weeks, while Hack Reactor's full-time, 12-week program begins with an 80-hour prep program. Both require an initial deposit, but students may enroll in an income share agreement to defer payment until a specified income is achieved.

App Academy Hack Reactor
Overall Rating
Courses App Academy Open, Bootcamp Prep, Software Engineer Track: In-Person, Software Engineer Track: Online Hack Reactor Remote + Blockchain, Part Time Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Premium Prep
Cost $2,999 - $20,000 $250 - $17,980
Location(s) Online, San Francisco, New York City Online, Boulder, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City

What is App Academy?

App Academy offers on-campus immersive full-stack software engineering programs in San Francisco, New York, and online. Students are not required to have previous programming experience and will develop skills while building real-world, experiential projects.

Highlights: App Academy emphasizes career coaching throughout its curriculum to provide graduates with in-demand job skills and employment. Classes run Monday through Friday, 35 hours per week. Subjects include JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and React/Redux. Students can enroll in either a 24-week, full-time Software Engineering track online or a 16-week Software Engineering track on campus.

Financing/scholarship options: App Academy values diversity and accessibility in its programs, offering deposit assistance for underrepresented communities and resource groups for additional support. Individuals can pay upfront, enroll in a deferred tuition plan, hybrid plan, or secure a loan.

What makes App Academy unique?

Applicants will be assigned an Admissions Specialist to navigate the application process, which includes logic exercises and a coding challenge. A live, two-week prep course is available to practice coding skills before completing the application requirements.

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What is Hack Reactor?

Hack Reactor strives to provide its students with a real-world environment that prepares them for a future career in software engineering. They offer full-time, part-time, online, and in-person coding bootcamps. Campuses are located in major cities throughout the US. Programs are considered high-intensity, which means students will need to prepare to fully commit the necessary time.

Highlights: The on-campus program is a 12-week commitment covering subjects such as Full Stack JavaScript, React, Blockchain, and other fundamental coding skills. Students are selected through a rigorous admissions process, and those who are admitted complete an 80-hour precourse. Hack Reactor also offers live online full-time and part-time bootcamp options.

Financing/scholarship options: Students have the option of paying upfront or choosing the income share agreement (ISA). Based on the ISA terms, students are not required to make tuition payments until they are earning a set minimum salary determined by the bootcamp. Enrollment advisors are available to assist students in determining the best financial option. Hack Reactor also works with lending companies for students who prefer a more traditional loan arrangement.

What makes Hack Reactor unique?

Students receive job placement coaching, including resume building, personal branding tips, and interview practice. Hack Reactor grads have gone on to work for Microsoft, Visa, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon, and more.

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App Academy Reviews

  • Miguel Flores | Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Track: Online
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Upgrade your career"

App Academy may be tough to complete, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I learned many valuable skills that will help me in many fields. As a previous mechanical engineer, I really wanted to know more about software technologies and writing... Read More

  • Dean Mayne | Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Track: In-Person
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Intense and Rewarding if you put in the work !"

App Academy is an intense program that is entirely rewarding for those for whom the curriculum fits. I wish that I had done more research on on what languages and technologies are in demand before enrolling in App Academy to have maximized my hireability... Read More

Hack Reactor Reviews

  • Dylan Reid
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Hack Reactor ATX"

Pros: -Excellent instruction. There were 2 instructors and about 4 TAs for a group of 7 students, so the level of help and instruction was pretty great. The instructors were both brilliant and super warm. -Amazing learning environment. -High quality peers... Read More

  • Mark Valdez
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"A great place to build your software engineering foundation!"

I've had nothing but good experiences joining Hack Reactor. It helped me become more autonomous in creating new projects and learning new technologies. As a result, this has made me a lot more career driven and I'm more ready to apply myself in the future.... Read More

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