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Codecademy has bootcamps in Web Development, Computer Science, Code Foundations, and Data Science, and classes employ Python, JavaScript, C++, Swift, and SQL. DataCamp has several career track-specific bootcamps, including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Programmer, and Statistician, and classes use Python, R, and SQL. Both organizations rely on a monthly subscription-based payment system, though each provides a free option. All classes are entirely online. Codecademy's basic plan is free and includes beginner lessons and daily assignments. New DataCamp users can access a free version, including a sample first chapter of all courses, hands-on projects, all coding challenges, and one skill assessment.

Codecademy DataCamp
Overall Rating
Courses Codecademy Pro, Codecademy Pro INTENSIVE, Pro Intensive: Introduction to Data Analysis Intro to Python for Data Science, Introduction to R
Cost $20-$200 Free
Location(s) Online Online

What is Codecademy?

Codecademy, based in New York, NY, defines itself as an education company committed to providing an engaging online learning experience. Codecademy offers career path programs in Web Development, Computer Science, Code Foundations, and Data Science. Students will learn by doing and receive instant feedback that they can incorporate into more practice through real-world projects.

Highlights: Specialized skill-based classes cover over a dozen programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, C++, Swift, and SQL. Most classes run from 6-10 weeks.

Financing/scholarship options: Codecademy's basic plan is free and includes beginner lessons and daily assignments. Codecademy Pro is a monthly subscription that includes real-world projects, peer mentorship, step-by-step guidance, and additional content. Codecademy has awarded 100,000 scholarships to students from 147 countries.

What makes Codecademy unique?

Over 45 million people have accessed Codecademy's lessons, including learners from Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft. Most users have little to no experience before signing up for classes. Whether completing a full program or developing a specific skill set, members take classes remotely. Interested individuals have access to a sorting quiz, which helps students plan which option is best for their professional goals and experience level.

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What is DataCamp?

Datacamp provides hundreds of individual courses, over 50 skill-based tracks, and 14 different career paths to choose from. The skill tracks are shorter and offer topic specialization. Career paths combine basic and advanced coursework.

Highlights: Career tracks include Python Programmer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst, and Statistician. Each career-based program includes between 11-29 courses, depending on the track. Students practice three programming languages: Python, R, and SQL. DataCamp's curriculum is instructed by industry leaders and academics. Projects highlight real-world skills and teach students how to visualize and manipulate data.

Financing/scholarship options: Individuals pay a monthly subscription for content and support. New users can access a free version that includes the first chapter of all courses, seven projects, all coding challenges, and one skill assessment.

What makes DataCamp unique?

Classwork emphasizes hands-on practice, with case studies and daily interactive challenges. Students can change career tracks as well; previous classwork easily transfers between programs. Interested candidates can take a free assessment to evaluate their skill level. Based on the score, a personalized learning plan is developed for each student.

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Codecademy Reviews

  • Michael David Wiltfong | Web Developer
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support


Codecademy is a great platform, and it has an even better online community. They have several career paths, such as Web Development, Full-Stack Engineer, Front-End Engineer, as well as career paths for Data Scientists. In regards to their facebook group,... Read More

  • Anonymous | Product Manager
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Love the idea, hate the execution"

I'll start by saying I love the idea of Codecademy and the curriculum list is very extensive! However the long laundry list bugs (including the code editor not even running in Firefox or Chrome) coupled with the high price have definitely soured me on... Read More

DataCamp Reviews

  • Mark Foster
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"Quick, easy and convenient learning!"

After a friend mentioned I check out DataCamp to brush up on my coding skills, I searched them out online. From the first day til now I have been learning, practicing and doing projects from the online portal. When I am on the road, it has been so nice... Read More

  • Anonymous
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"Nice site for guided learning all things data."

Found this website after doing minor python projects on my own. I did some of the free courses first and learned so much faster that I decided to sign up for all the materials. The fee is well worth the amount of material that is unlocked, not to mention... Read More

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