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DataCamp and Dataquest teach programming languages SQL, Python, and R throughout their coding bootcamp courses. Both are self-paced and asynchronous, so participants complete lessons flexibly. DataCamp integrates video into many classes. Dataquest, however, is project-based. Both operate through monthly subscriptions, and free trials are available. DataCamp provides individualized content for the user's skill level. Beginners are welcome for either, but Dataquest provides just three programs for those without experience: Data Analyst in R, Data Analyst in Python, or Data Scientist in Python. Overall, DataCamp has multiple course options for various user needs, while Dataquest offers full career tracks.

DataCamp Dataquest
Overall Rating
Courses Intro to Python for Data Science, Introduction to R Python for Data Analysis, R for Data Analysis
Cost Free $29
Location(s) Online Online

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp focuses on providing a personalized learning platform. With hundreds of courses available, individuals can develop a curriculum that matches their experience and career goals. No matter where a student is in their career, DataCamp strives to offer applicable coursework to improve programming skills.

Highlights: DataCamp's subject areas include Python, R, SQL, Excel, Git, Theory, Scala, Tableau, and Power Bi. The curriculum is instructed by industry leaders and academics, emphasizing real-world skills and teaching students how to work with data. Classwork uses video lessons that integrate hands-on practice, including case studies and daily challenges. DataCamp has headquarters in New York, NY, London, UK, and Leuven, Belgium.

Financing/scholarship options: Individuals pay a monthly subscription which includes content and support. New users have access to a free sample of courses. University professors can sign up for DataCamp for the Classroom and add their students for free.

What makes DataCamp unique?

Interested applicants complete ten-minute evaluations with Signal, Datacamp's assessment tool. Questions automatically adapt to a student's performance. Based on the score, a personalized learning plan is developed for each student along with detailed feedback.

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What is Dataquest?

Dataquest is a fully online, project-based coding program. Students will have the opportunity to learn essential data science tools, including Python, Git, SQL, and R.

Highlights: Using real data sets, individuals will create code and answer real-world questions. The curriculum is self-paced, so aspiring coders can complete assignments on a schedule that fits their current commitments and lifestyles. Concepts build on one another, and students demonstrate mastery of each new skill before moving to the next one. Students will also receive immediate feedback after submitting their work.

Financing/scholarship options: Dataquest operates on a monthly subscription with both basic and premium options available. Premium memberships include resume review and career coaching. Dataquest has financial-aid-based scholarship programs, with a focus on underrepresented populations in data science.

What makes Dataquest unique?

Dataquest has a community of moderators and peers that are available for advice, mentorship, and problem-solving when students have concerns or need support. Individuals with no prior coding experience may enroll in one of the following programs: Data Analyst in R, Data Analyst in Python, or Data Scientist in Python. Each is designed to prepare graduates for employment in the tech field.

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DataCamp Reviews

  • Osny Cocate Almeida | Consultant
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"Great UX!"

I love DataCamp due it's flexibilty for the student. We can personalize our tracks and study whenever we want. Besides that, the courses are nice, there are a plenty of them with much knowledge on what they teach. What can be improved is the deepness... Read More

  • Mark Foster
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"Quick, easy and convenient learning!"

After a friend mentioned I check out DataCamp to brush up on my coding skills, I searched them out online. From the first day til now I have been learning, practicing and doing projects from the online portal. When I am on the road, it has been so nice... Read More

Dataquest Reviews

  • Ivanovitch Silva | Associate Professor
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Best Experience with EdTech and Data Science"

I have been following online courses about Data Science and Machine Learning for a long time. I discovered the Dataquest proposal in its early days, yet in 2017. As a Professor at the UFRN (Natal)/Brazil, I would like to promote the teaching of Data Science... Read More

  • Bongani | Media Buyer
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"My Experience With DataQuest"

For almost a year I wanted a platform to help me solidify the gaps in my Python Programming learning. I heard about DataQuest, got hooked and signed up immediately. The practical application of the program exists no where and I love and would recommend... Read More

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