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Last Updated: September 24, 2019


Locations: Online, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune
Courses: Advance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program for Tech Professionals, Advance Data Science and AI Advance Program with Domain Specialization, Business Analytics Master Program, +11 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Learnbay was established in 2015 by Mr. Abhishek Gupta and Ms. Nisha Kumari as an ed-tech company providing professional courses on Artificial intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning. We are based in Bangalore but have created our virtual presence in several metropolitan cities like Mumbai,... Read More


Locations: Bangalore
Courses: CCSP, CEH v11, CISA, +2 More
Subjects: Ethical Hacking

InfosecTrain is one of the finest Security and Technology Training and Consulting organization, focusing on a range of IT Security Trainings and Information Security Services. InfosecTrain was established in the year 2016 by a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals, who have more than 15... Read More

InfosecTrain offers complete training and consulting solutions to its customers globally. Whether the requirements are technical services, certification or customized training, InfosecTrain has consistently delivered the highest quality and best success rates in the industry.

All trainings are delivered by certified instructors with years of industry experience. Our instructors strengthen their training sessions with real-world examples, making them interactive, understandable and easy to comprehend.

Be it technology, certification or project focused training; we are totally committed to customize our offerings to meet the requirement of clients by means of flexible schedule so that ongoing projects and productivity of business is not affected. The world class training at InfosecTrain is presented through a range of innovative and extensive learning approaches and delivery methods to tailor the unique requirements of a global customer base.

InfosecTrain welcomes overseas customers to come and attend training sessions in destination cities across the globe and enjoy their learning experience at the same time.


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Locations: Bangalore
Courses: Software Development
Subjects: Android, CSS, Git, HTML, JavaScript +3 More

Jaaga is a collaborative space in Bangalore that connects entrepreneurs, activists, and artists. One of the many programs Jaaga hosts is a one-year program that strives to prepare students to become solid software developers trained to build the next generation of web and mobile applications. Students... Read More

Byte Academy

Locations: Online, Bangalore, NYC
Courses: Blockchain Immersive, Data Science (Full-Time), FinTech (Financial Technology) Full-Time Bootcamp, +6 More
Subjects: Algorithms, Blockchain, Business, Cryptocurrency, CSS +14 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Byte Academy requires students to learn the basics of programming before enrolling in its programs. It offers part-time evening classes, as well as 40 hour per week immersives. Graduates have lifetime access to career services after the program, and several campuses offer a job guarantee.


No reviews
Locations: Bangalore
Courses: Digital Marketing Expert Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
Subjects: API, Bootstrap, CSS, Digital Marketing, Express.js +7 More

ikigaiHub is a 10-week bootcamp in Bangalore, India. It is an experiential learning centre that helps its learners to grasp the subject through a thorough hands-on approach. Their mentors are real practitioners who come from a diverse background and deliver real experiences for the learners to adapt.... Read More

With industry professionals, actual case studies and more of a practical approach to problem solving, ikigaiHub strives to create a talent pool ready for employment by employers as soon as the bootcamps are completed.

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The Valley Bootcamp

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Locations: Bangalore
Courses: Machine Learning + Python Development
Subjects: Algorithms, AWS, Data Structures, Linux, Machine Learning +6 More

The Valley Bootcamp is an intensive coding bootcamp serving companies some hot talent. We are one of India's finest bootcamps. The valley bootcamp is a software engineer led coding bootcamp. It was founded by some of the finest engineers from the industry.


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Locations: Online, Bangalore, Chennai, Dubai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad +7 More
Courses: Data Science Prodegree, Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics, Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Subjects: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Data Science

Imarticus Learning is a technology driven educational institute that has immense expertise in transforming careers across industries such as financial services, analytics and AI, business analysis and core technology. Having educated over 35,000 individuals, we have also pioneered the concept of professional... Read More

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Flexible Classes

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Job Guarantee

Offer guaranteed job placement after graduation, or the student's tuition is refunded. Visit the official school site for related terms and conditions.

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