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Last Updated: October 23, 2019

Argentina’s largest city and capital, Buenos Aires, is the most visited city in South America, and the second most visited in Latin America. As a result of significant immigration over the last century, the southeastern coastal city is home to several religious and ethnic groups, and features many languages, making it one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the Americas. With a tech industry that’s been on the rise since the 1980s, Buenos Aires is striving to become the startup and tech capital of Latin America...ReadMore

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of several of the most notable and successful startups in Latin America, including MercadoLibre, OLX, Despegar, and Globant, which not only serve as models for what local startups can achieve, but also train future tech entrepreneurs. Buenos Aires is home to 90% of Argentina’s startup activity, and the area’s accelerators and strong venture capital funds help to foster its status as a major startup hub.

The South American city continues to draw in new tech talent, and there are several local educational and training opportunities for individuals looking to get started on a career in tech. If you’re interested in web development, digital marketing, UX design, or data science, Buenos Aires-based coding bootcamp Digital House has full-time courses covering those subjects. Platforma 5 is another local bootcamp, and has a full-time, 12-week web development program.

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Locations: Online, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago
Subjects: Back-End Web Development, Express.js, Front-End Web Development, Java, Mobile +4 More

Established in 2018, at MindHub we integrate education with employment through intensive Bootcamps that go from 600 to 800 hours. where we simulate a work environment led by a mentor who plays the role of team leader or Project Manager and by a supervisor with a 360-degree view of the students and mentors.... Read More

During the program, projects are proposed to take the students from 0 to 100, as they do not need to have technical knowledge prior to starting the program. When they finish, they can work as software developers in different technologies such as Java, Java Script or MERN.

At the end of the Bootcamps, students go through a module where they are specially prepared for job placement, and connections are made to all the companies that are now part of the Mindhub ecosystem.

When a MindHub student graduates, they do so with a portfolio of projects as their greatest asset.

Plataforma 5

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Locations: Online, Buenos Aires
Courses: Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, Intro to Programming
Subjects: Agile, CSS, Express.js, Git, HTML +6 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Plataforma 5 is the leading full-time, full-stack web development Bootcamp in Latin America. Boasting a 100% job placement rate, it offers its 13-week immersive Bootcamp both remotely for the whole American continent and in-person in Argentina. Our program is designed to take you from basic coding into... Read More

Le Wagon

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Locations: Amsterdam, Bali, Barcelona, Belo Horizonte, Berlin +40 More
Courses: Web Development Course - Full-Time, Web Development Course - Part-Time, Data Science - Full-Time, +1 More
Subjects: Coding, CSS, Data Science, Data Structures, HTML +9 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Le Wagon runs immersive coding bootcamps in 45 campuses worldwide. The web development course is designed to teach students the necessary skills to land a job in software development or product management - or prepare them to create their own startup. Students following the data science course will learn... Read More

Le Wagon's courses are either full-time or part-time and taught in-person. In 9 weeks or 24 weeks, students learn to build web applications or to explore, clean and transform data into actionable insights, and to collaborate within a team of developers or data scientists using the right tools and workflows.

Le Wagon has a global community of 11,000+ alumni, and a strong network of partner companies across all industries to help students find their dream jobs.

Digital House

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Locations: Buenos Aires
Courses: Full Stack Web Programming, Data Science, Android Mobile Programming, +4 More
Subjects: Data Science, Digital Marketing, Mobile, UX Design, Web Development

Digital House is a coding bootcamp in Buenos Aires, Argentina offering full-time courses in fullstack and mobile web development. With a mission to create a new generation of coders and digital professionals that innovate, Digital House accepts aspiring startup founders and career changers.

Students in... Read More

The Digital House campus also houses a co-working/learning space and is located just steps away from a large park in the Bajo Belgrano neighborhood. The campus is designed to facilitate learning and collaboration between students and professionals during class time and beyond. Applicants to Digital House are required to complete an online application, interview and coding challenge.


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Locations: Online, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Medellin, Mexico City
Courses: Full Stack Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Science, +1 More
Subjects: CSS, Data Analytics, Data Science, HTML, Machine Learning +3 More

Acámica is a tech academy empowering people to be a part of the digital transformation through high-quality learning programs. With over 7 years experience, presence in 5 cities students can choose between a 7-month Full Stack Web Development career path, a 7-month UX/UI Design career path, a 7-month... Read More

Each course has slightly different eligibility requirements. The admissions process consists of an online application and a tuition deposit payment.

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