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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

Amazon Web Systems Lambda is another extremely popular cloud service. It’s a serverless computing platform introduced in 2014. It allows clients to run code in response to event-driven triggers that require a fast response. In courses preparing you for Lambda, you’ll learn more about algorithms, Big Data, data architecture, data science, the relationships among the various AWS systems and will be well prepared for the certification test.

Tech careers in AWS Lambda include Data Engineering, Cloud Architect, Systems Administration and Solutions Engineering. Glassdoor says the average yearly salary for an AWS certified SysOps Administrator is $106,000, and $99,000 for AWS Date Pipeline specialties. Computer and Information Technology careers are projected for continuing job growth over the next decade. The explosive growth in AWS services means that AWS certification promises a continuing very healthy job market.

This list includes bootcamps that offer courses or programs with the subject AWS Lambda.

Locations: Online
Courses: Cloud for Jobs 2.0, Lnx for Jobs
Subjects: AWS, AWS Lambda, DevOps, Information Technology, Linux

Yellow Tail Tech is an EdTech company that helps people with no IT background or technical degree land their first high-paying IT job. About 90 percent of our students have no IT background whatsoever. Launched in 2014, Yellow Tail Tech offers 6 to 9 months programs built for serious and motivated students who want to jump-start or transform their careers. Boasting industry-certified instructors who work for top enterprises and offering hands-on experience, we get our...
Locations: Online
Courses: Fullstack Track
Subjects: AWS, AWS Lambda, React.js, Typescript, Web Development

SkillReactor introduces a novel approach to prepare software developers for the industry. The programme utilizes problem based learning, where engineers independently build fully working applications aided by expert guidance. This helps them not only build their software development skills but also comprehension, research and self-learning abilities.
Locations: Online
Courses: AWS - Weekday Classes, DevOps-- Weekday Classes, Hadoop, Spark and Scala
Subjects: Apache, AWS, AWS Compute Services, AWS Lambda, Big Data +9 More

Mindteck Academy offers live, instructor-led online courses on a rotational basis in Machine Learning, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, MongoDB, DevOps, AWS and full stack Java. Students who are motivated and committed will learn marketable skills that will jumpstart or reinvigorate their career. All of the courses are curated and taught by industry experts, and most courses end with a Capstone Project which will help students who are motivated and committed apply the skills that they...
Locations: Online
Courses: Create Your MVP (Fast Pace), Create Your MVP (Slow Pace), Start With Basics (Fast Pace), +1 More
Subjects: Agile, AWS Lambda, CSS, Entrepreneurship, Front-End Web Development +10 More

Reify Academy offers an online curriculum to teach students how to take their business idea and execute it using technology as a tool. Students of Reify Academy learn how to: - Evaluate the software needs of a business idea. - Distill down that evaluation into a core minimum viable product. - Build a reliable and scalable MVP version of the student's custom software. - Work as a team with other technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Understand...
Locations: Online
Courses: Career guidance for web development, Cloud computing and deployment, Internship assignments, +3 More
Subjects: AWS, AWS Lambda, Back-End Web Development, Cloud Computing, CSS +18 More

This intensive bootcamp + virtual internship program is the fastest route to kickstarting your career as a JavaScript full stack web developer. You’ll learn everything you need to become a production-ready programmer within the first 2 months during the bootcamp. If you qualify for the internship, you will complete another 2 months or more delivering a real project in the field under the direction of the tech team at one of our partnering companies. •...

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