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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Design sprint is a process used in the tech industry in the design and development of a new product or program. A design sprint is carried out in several phases over a short and set amount of time. Coursework in design sprint provides learning in the five stages of the process: understand, diverge, converge, prototype, and test.

Design sprints are used by computer and information systems managers, so having a solid understanding of the sprint process and phases is a useful skill for anyone pursuing this career. A manager in this industry will manage teams and provide them the ideal work environment for designing and developing a product or application. On average, systems managers earn $142,530 a year, and this career is estimated to grow 11 percent by 2028. Design sprints can also be used by graphic designers in developing effective marketing platforms and campaigns. The median salary for a graphic designer is $50,370, and the career is expected to grow three percent by 2028.

SwitchUp’s boot camps are ranked by the reviews and ratings of verified students and graduates, providing prospective students a transparent and insightful resource in deciding which program is right for them. Up-to-date information on coursework, tuition, and time commitment is included for each boot camp offering training in design sprint.

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