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Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Companies and organizations depend on a well-maintained, secure web presence. Their domain can be likened to their physical address; customers can shop, learn more, and communicate with a company on the web. Individuals with a strong background in domain management oversee the online systems and corresponding applications, manage third-party contracts, and maintain related websites and search optimizations. Students taking domain management classes will learn how to configure a domain name server (DNS) and maintain an organization’s online presence.

These skills lend to careers as computer and information systems (CIS) managers and other information technology professionals. As companies continue to expand their digital markets, these career opportunities are expected to grow by 11% over the next decade. Specific job titles include web developer, computer network architect, and computer systems administrator. Average salaries for these positions range from $70,000 to $100,000.

Several bootcamps include domain management in their curriculum, and students can take individual classes or complete a full program. Students will find flexible options, whether part-time or online, and most programs provide networking experience and opportunities for further study.

Locations: Online
Courses: Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Full Stack Web Development
Subjects: AJAX, CSS, Domain Management, HTML, JavaScript +1 More
Available Online

Tech Talent South hosts regional part-time and full-time immersion programs. In addition to the curriculum, guest speakers, company tours, and networking events help students get to know the local professional tech scene. TTS offers several payment options, including a 10% upfront payment discount, and two installment plans.
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, , Baku, Burkina Faso, Casablanca, +8 More
Courses: Full Stack Coding Bootcamp - JavaScript, Full Stack Coding Bootcamp - Python & Data
Subjects: A/B Testing, AJAX, API, Bootstrap, CSS +15 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

Developers.Institute is a selective & intensive coding bootcamp, dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent in Israel. We offer cutting edge mentored courses in Web Development (Python and Javascript), working with the industry’s best professionals to take our fellows from beginner to job-ready developer in 3 months. Uniquely positioned at the center of tech ecosystems in Tel Aviv Developers.Institute is designed to open new doors for everyone who wants to learn code. Our...
Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online
Courses: Cybersecurity Virtual Academy, Data Science Virtual Academy, Software Engineering Virtual Academy, +1 More
Subjects: AJAX, ASP.NET, Back-End Web Development, C#, Cryptography +19 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

ENTITY is a one stop shop for women to upskill so they are relevant for the 21st century workforce. We are dedicated to closing the gender wage gap by training, mentoring, and placing women in tech careers. We focus on areas of the job market where women have traditionally been underrepresented, including data science, software development, and digital marketing. On top of that, ENTITY students get access to mentorship and career coaching services. ENTITY also...
Locations: Playa del Carmen
Courses: Digital Marketing, Full Stack Web Developer
Subjects: A/B Testing, AngularJS, Bootstrap, C++, Command Line +21 More

Coding Experiences is a travel-inspired coding bootcamp that offers learning experiences around the world in Full-stack Development, Digital Marketing, and VR training. During the 10-week, full-time Fullstack course, or 1-week Digital Marketing Intensive, students will get free accommodation and airfare. They will learn programming languages such as Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS and jQuery, MV Frameworks, Node.js and SQL. They will also complete projects individually and in teams, developing real product features in real-life environments...
Locations: Atlanta
Courses: Intro to Professional Web Development
Subjects: Career Coaching, CSS, Domain Management, Front-End Web Development, Git +3 More

Refcode was established to help refugees to qualify for skilled jobs in Atlanta, GA. It is a service of the Refugee Career Hub which is managed by Friends of Refugees. This program has been opened up to everyone (not just refugees) so that refugees will have an opportunity to expand their social and professional networks, learn about American culture, and hopefully develop a friendship with someone in the greater Atlanta area. The first Refcode class,...

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