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Last Updated: January 10, 2020

What you need to know about Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular marketing tool that is currently the most widely used website statistics service in the world1. Originally created as Urchin on Demand, it was acquired by Google in 2005 and was rebranded as Google Analytics, which has continued to grow since. Because of the tool's many features and capabilities, Google has created several resources to help users, including free online courses and a community forum. Different types of programs include Google Analytics in their curriculum, such as digital marketing and product management bootcamps. If you're interested in an immersive program that covers Google Analytics as well as other marketing or product concepts and tools, browse our comprehensive list of bootcamps below.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a website tool that gives you an in-depth look at your website or app's performance. The intention of Google Analytics is to provide you with insights into your customers through metrics and other important data such as number of sessions, page views, conversions, bounce rates, browser used, location of user, device type, and more. Google Analytics is customizable, and you can generate reports, learn ways to take action based on your data, and integrate partner products to assess their performance, for example, Google Ads.

What is Google Analytics used for?

Google Analytics serves several purposes, but primarily functions as a digital marketing tool. People use Google Analytics to:

  • View real-time analytics for a recently posted blog or social post
  • Track the success of a sales campaign
  • Check if URLs are working properly
  • Assess if users visit once or more frequently
  • Find out how your website was found
  • Learn the most popular pages on your website
  • Track conversions
  • Generate reports to share

Google Analytics offers numerous other tools and data as well.

How do I use Google Analytics?

With the comprehensive and complex amount of information Google Analytics can provide, it's essential for people to identify what they hope to accomplish. A beginner should sign up with the website or app they are looking to analyze and learn the skills necessary to find the information they want. Not only does Google offer free courses, but there are bootcamps, free and paid courses, books, and numerous website articles and guides that can teach you how to use Google Analytics.

Who uses Google Analytics?

Companies of all sizes use Google Analytics as well as marketers, developers, and individuals with an interest in their website statistics. Most often, Google Analytics is used by companies, marketers, and marketing departments to inform marketing decisions. The tool helps marketers assess current marketing performance and make adjustments that increase website or app awareness, use, and number of conversions. It also enables them to identify valuable information about customers and enhance marketing strategies. Developers use Google Analytics to measure user interaction through libraries and SDKs and build on Google Analytics with APIs. Google has a page for developers who want to use Google Analytics.

How much does Google Analytics Cost to use?

The standard version of Google Analytics is free. However, Google Analytics 360 is available for those who want more features and customization capabilities. The cost for Analytics 360 is $150,000 per year, and this includes advanced integration tools, BigQuery export, enhanced data freshness, roll-up reporting, and more.

Learn Google Analytics at a bootcamp

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic to help businesses better understand their customers, so you are most likely to learn how to use it at bootcamps focused on digital marketing, product management, data analytics, or content strategy. If you want to gain some skills before taking a full-time program, there are courses available through platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or LinkedIn Learning.

Comprehensive list of Google Analytics Bootcamps


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