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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

Web development is the practice of developing a website for the internet or an intranet network. A web developer takes a web design — usually created by a web designer — and turns it into a usable, functioning website using different coding languages. Training in web development provides the learner with the skills and concepts to build a professional and effective website. The skills learned, include coding with a variety of programming languages, including HTML and Javascript and writing markup, in addition to using content management systems to enable the modification and updating of the website by people who don’t have the technical knowledge or skills to create or change a website otherwise.

Training in web development provides the opportunity to pursue a job as a web developer. The role of a developer includes designing, creating, and fixing user-friendly and secure websites. On average, a web developer earns $69,430 a year, and this career is expected to grow 13% by 2028. A solid understanding of web development is also useful in software development. A software developer is responsible for designing and creating computer applications, and has a median salary of $105,590. Job growth in software development is expected to rise 21% by 2028.

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