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By: The SwitchUp Team
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language that is used to manage information and data structures stored in databases. SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) is a series of tools for transforming raw data into information that businesses can use to make decisions. These tools allow developers to perform extract, transform, and load operations (ETL) on data from data warehouses. In an SQL BI bootcamp, students learn how to use SQL to turn data into useful, practical information in a business environment.

Becoming skilled in SQL is an important step toward becoming a data analyst, developer, programmer, manager, or any of several other careers in the technology sector. In 2018, computer programmers earned a median annual wage of $84,280. Employment of computer programmers is projected to decline 7% from 2018 to 2028. Software developers earned a median annual wage of $105,590 in 2018, and job growth is projected to be 21% by 2028.

SwitchUp is an online platform that helps students find a technology, data science, or coding bootcamp that will help them embark on a career in the technology space. Students should be careful to choose a bootcamp that will take into account how much they already know about coding and computer languages.

Available Online
Flexible Classes
Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, London
Courses: Web Development Course, SQL Course, Graphic Design Course, +6 More
Subjects: C#, C++, CSS, Data Structures, Database Design +16 More
Available Online
Flexible Classes

We provide exclusive IT training in South Africa and abroad - specializing in programming ,web, sql, graphic design, pc engineering, autocad and so much more! Online training 1:1 - You get assigned a lecturer, who can interact with not only you, but your computer, software and code as though he/she is actually there with you! We believe in the practical approach to IT. Visit us Exceed yourself and become the best software developer!
Locations: Online, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia
Courses: Data Science, Cybersecurity, Full Stack Web Development, +2 More
Subjects: Agile, Algorithms, AngularJS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cryptocurrency +37 More

The Bridge is a self called the 1# Digital Talent Accelerator, headquartered in Madrid (Spain) and born to unlock the potential of individuals, societies and economic agents by bridging the digital skills gap through education. Students can apply to +500h programs focused in some of the most relevant and in-demand skills in tech: Software Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity, UX/UI Design and Digital Marketing Operations and choose the format that best suits to them: face-to-face or...
Locations: Online
Courses: Java Programmer Bootcamp, Linux System Administrator Bootcamp, Advanced SQL Server Developer, +8 More
Subjects: .NET, Android, AngularJS, App Development, ASP.NET +33 More

Our unique approach combines on-demand streaming with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT workplace. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance and lab equipment setup for each student. An instructor is assigned to each student to assist in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content. Our classes are designed to be 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises. Lab...
Locations: Barcelona, Madrid
Courses: Cybersecurity (Spanish), Data Science (Spanish), Digital Product Management (English and Spanish), +6 More
Subjects: Agile, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Back-End Web Development, Business, Cyber Security +27 More

Nuclio Digital School was born in 2018 as a school specialized in the creation of digital profiles for both kinds, the professionals in the sector and for those seeking knowledge that allow them to enter the tech world. Nuclio Digital School boasts courses in UX/UI Design, Cybersecurity, Digital Talent Management, Digital Product Management, Data Science, Full Stack Development, Digital Marketing and B2B Management. The existing skills gap leads us to offer intensive bootcamps that ensure...
Locations: Online
Courses: C Programmer Certificate, Java Programmer Certificate, Advanced Java Developer Certificate, +11 More
Subjects: .NET, Android, Angular, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC +20 More

Our unique approach combines on-demand streaming with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT Workplace. Students haves have the flexibility to learn the necessary IT skills on their own time without sacrificing the assistance from a dedicated instructor. Upon competition of a Certificate Program, students will be prepared for entry-level employment or professional certification exams. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance, and lab equipment setup...

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