June 12, 2019

5 things we learned about a BrainStation grad from his boss

BrainStation grad Jackson Wong already has a great Q&A on BrainStation's blog, so we thought we'd get some perspective from a different source: his boss. We talked to Monica Chakravarty, who is Jackson's supervisor at Konrad Group, and she gave us some information on the work he's been doing as a QA specialist and how he's made a big impression there. We're sharing what we learned about Jackson through Monica. Here's our list of five things we learned about this BrainStation grad:

1. In just two months, Jackson's made his mark at Konrad group:

"Within the past 2 months he has become a project expert and is incredibly reliable! I never have to double check his work," Monica says.

2. His education at BrainStation has made a difference:

"His development background shines through and as a result, he is able to diagnose problems and provide solutions. He knows what to look for since he is familiar with the behavior of the code and platforms."

3. He does real work at Konrad Group, and he excels at it:

"His day to day work includes much more than ensuring that the product is tested appropriately. He has become an expert on the product and as a result works very closely with the project management team at Konrad Group."

4. He's always looking for ways to learn and grow:

"He is a very fast learner and very eager to learn all about our process."

5. He's committed to the job:

We asked Monica to describe Jackson in one word. Her answer? "Dedicated."

Jackson has a great job and a fantastic supervisor thanks to BrainStation's Web Development Immersive Program. Here's what he has to say about it:

"I really really liked it. I really enjoyed the way the learning was done hands off, and that there wasn't an extremely structured plan. I liked how the educators gave us basic things, then the end goal. From there they make rounds around the classroom and guide us as we self-solve and get to the final goal. I find that the explorative part of learning lacks in traditional learning, but I think it's super important and I believe I learned so much more because of this."

Click here to learn more about BrainStation's Web Development Immersive Program.

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