Become a Data Analyst with Thinkful's Part-Time Program

Thinkful has offered a Data Science program for over two years. After noticing that there are even more Data Analyst, Business Intelligence, and Data Journalism jobs out there, Thinkful decided to launch a Data Analytics program. Unlike data science jobs, these roles don't require a background in programming or a background in statistics to be successful.

The Data Analytics program is for people starting from the very beginning and don't necessarily have a Bachelor's degree in a STEM-related field. The program focuses on teaching you how to use different tools, how to scrape data to collect and analyze and how to present that data, and gives you an introduction to Python.

What will you learn?

The course starts with covering the foundations of Excel and SQL. After becoming intermediate or advance in SQL, we'll teach you how to use Tableau which is a visualization tool that a lot of companies use. From there, the course moves into Python and statistics.

Throughout the course, students will use their newly-developed skills to build projects based on scenarios built with different types of data. These projects will be graded by a team of mentors to make sure each student knows how to present and articulate how they got to the results.

You will also learn how to prepare for interviews and transitioning into a data analyst or business analyst career through a number of assessments, case study interviews, and behavioral mock interviews.

What is the learning style?

All Thinkful programs uses 1-on-1 mentorship for a more effective way to learn. Students will learn through our online platform as well as have two personal mentor sessions each week. If you're stuck or have additional questions, we have "office hours" where you can meet with different mentors. In addition to 1-on-1 mentoring, we also have workshops that breakdown different topics and mentor presentations that cover more in-depth topics.

The Data Analytics program is part-time and flexible, which allows you to learn when you want and where you want. However, we suggest dedicating 20-25 hours a week to complete this course within six months. Each student will be paired with a Program Manager and Mentor to help keep them on track for graduation.

Is there an admissions process?

The admissions process is selective but not as strict as our Data Science program. Every applicant will work with an education advisor to make sure they understand the commitments of the program and help them prepare and set expectations. The education advisor will also help each student figure out their payment plan options.

We work with students to set expectations and goals before enrolling to ensure each student is confident they are using their time and money wisely. And most importantly, to make sure they will be ready to switch careers after graduating.

Once a student enrolls, they will meet with our Student Success team which includes being paired with a Program Manager to help keep you accountable during the program as well as a Mentor and a Career Coach.

Does this program offer a job guarantee?

Our programs are backed by a tuition reimbursement guarantee. If you don't get a job within six months of graduating, and you meet the criteria, we'll reimburse your tuition. To qualify, students need to have a bachelor's degree and live in one of the cities listed on our website.

Whether you qualify for the tuition reimbursement guarantee or not, you will still have your own career coach. Our Career Services team isn't there just to help you apply for jobs. They will conduct mock behavioral interviews with students to prepare them for a successful interview. Your career coach will help you navigate the job market, apply to positions, and ace your interviews for six months after graduation.

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