Founder spotlight: Aaron Filous, Promotable

Aaron Filous is the founder of Promotable, a bootcamp looking to bridge the analytical talent gap. With a background at various other bootcamps, Aaron was uniquely positioned to create a program that builds upon the best qualities of other bootcamps.

Aiming to deliver education solutions that empower data enabled careers, Promotable offers courses in Intro to Python, Data Analytics, and Product Management. To work with varying student schedules and needs, courses are offered both in-person or live-online, and require only 5 hours of work per week. This format offers students the ability to learn in-demand skills without quitting their current job.

We sat down with Aaron to learn a little more about his background, what led him to create Promotable, and what students can expect from the program.

1. Tell us about your background. What was your professional experience prior to founding Promotable?

I was on the Operations side of several tech bootcamps.

2. Promotable helps people advance in their career through data skills training. What led you to focus on this topic and audience?

There is currently a shortage of analytics talent. Some have projected as many as 2.7 million opportunities requiring analytical skills next year. Many of these roles require functional expertise as well as data and analytical skills. There is an increasing demand for qualified candidates to fill these roles.

Many companies already have much of the talent that can fill their analytics skills gap in-house. These are individuals who are smart, motivated, and have deep functional expertise who can be upskilled with data. That's where Promotable comes in.

3. Founding a bootcamp or training program is a big project. What challenges did you overcome to make the program a reality?

With a goal of creating a great product that connects users to new career opportunities, the biggest challenge has been continuing to innovate. We strive to empower our students.

4. Tell me about your course offerings. What types of students are ideally suited for your program?

We have both an Intro to Analytics course and Intro to Python. Whether someone is just looking to get started in Data or is ready to jump in to Data Science with Python, we have them covered.

The nature of data is such that anyone who wants to become data driven, have a problem solving mentality, want to become cross functional and make better data driven decisions are good fits for our courses.

5. What outcomes can a student expect to achieve after completing a Promotable course?

Participants can expect to have gained the necessary skills to pursue a career in tech.

6. What skills or traits should students have before they start the program?

Requirements vary depending on the course students enroll in, however anyone who is serious about putting learning can be successful in our program.

7. Tell us about your alumni. How have students taken their careers to the next level after completing a Promotable course?

We have a diverse group of alumni, many of whom have landed promotions or moved on to better opportunities after completing our courses.

8. What advice do you have for people who are interested in learning more about data analytics or data science?

There best advice I can give is to understand why you are interested in learning more about Data Analytics (Are you hoping to become more competent at your current job? Are you looking to transition careers? Something else?) as that can help inform the best way forward in terms of choosing the program that's right for you.

9. How can prospective students learn more about Promotable and apply?

Prospective students can learn more about us at promotable.io or email hello@promotable.io

To learn more about Promotable, visit promotable.io or check out their reviews on SwitchUp.

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