The Tech Academy Announces Their Newest Campus in Phoenix, Arizona

As the tech industry continues to grow beyond the bounds of Silicon Valley and the west coast, The Tech Academy is following suit with a new campus in Phoenix, Arizona, opening in January 2019. Students are enrolling in The Tech Academy Phoenix now and beginning their coding bootcamp online.

Phoenix Tech

Ranked one of the top 3 fastest-growing tech cities in America by Business Insider and CBS, Phoenix is a great place for anyone looking to start a career in tech without the high cost-of-living found in the Silicon Valley.

Arizona has spent the past 5 years shifting their real-estate based economy to one focused on tech and innovation. Since 2012, the number for tech companies headquartered in Phoenix has more than tripled. Throughout the Phoenix metro area you can find major tech companies like Yelp, Weebly, Uber, Shutterfly, GoDaddy and more.

According to a report by ZipRecruiter, Phoenix tech jobs have grown by 188% over the last year, with high median pay. Business Insider reports that the median pay for early career tech workers in Phoenix sits at $58,400, and the median pay for mid-level tech employees averages at about $96,800. The top positions for technology workers are reported as: Project Manager, Software Engineer, Software Developer, and Data Analyst.

Businesses, local government, and education institutions have all helped to grow and strengthen the tech industry in Arizona, and they've created an ecosystem that helps tech companies and startups flourish. Community groups like StartupAZ Foundation and #yesPHX provide resources and support for local startups, as well as connect budding companies with capital. Phoenix's Warehouse District has recently been revamped to a technology campus with 60 startups currently operating on site.

As tech communities grow throughout the country, so does the demand for skilled workers. With an ambitious plan for growth in the coming year, The Tech Academy is seeking to do their part in building strong tech communities across the country by training exceptional junior-level developers that are ready to enter the workforce.

The Tech Academy Phoenix

Continuing their expansion that started early this year with new campuses in Seattle and Denver, The Tech Academy is set to open two new campuses in January 2019 in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona - with even more to come!

Along with expanding their campuses, The Tech Academy also expanded their curriculum to offer four different bootcamp tracks: the Python Bootcamp, the C# and .NET Framework Bootcamp, the Front-End Web Development Bootcamp, and the Software Developer Bootcamp, their premier program that covers both C# and Python.

What sets The Tech Academy apart is the flexibility they provide students. The software developer bootcamp offers open enrollment — meaning students can start any time. In addition, they also have a self-paced program that gives students flexible scheduling options, and enables them to learn at an optimal pace.

Starting with the basics and advancing from there, the curriculum takes a bottom-up approach to teaching so no technical background or experience is required. Each bootcamp covers multiple programming languages, so graduates are well-rounded web and software developers.

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The Tech Academy is currently enrolling students for their Phoenix campus opening January 2019. Students can get a head start on their training with the option to begin studying as remote students until the campus officially opens in the coming months.

To learn more about The Tech Academy Phoenix, or any of their campuses, visit Learncodinganywhere.com or contact them today at info@learncodinganywhere.com!

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