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Coding Campus Spotlight Graduate: Bob Clayson

Bob Clayson is a graduate of Coding Campus (now V School), and works at Perfect Pitch Technology... READ MORE

We Got Coders Spotlight Graduate: Dan Sun

Tell us a little bit about what you do in your current job.I am currently about to start a Master... READ MORE

How a PhD Dropout Went to Zipfian Academy and Became a Facebook Data Scientist Instead

In our many conversations with people who have switched careers, a good number of them recall the... READ MORE

Jason Moss, Co-founder of Metis, Details Metis' Philosophy and Why It's Different Than the Rest

1) Run us through a typical day running your coding bootcamp.The day I have a "typical" day runni... READ MORE

Ask A Graduate Andre Soesilo Of Lighthouse Labs

From the beginning of the programming bootcamp process to getting hired, we got the inside detail... READ MORE

Ask A Graduate: Avi Gilligan of Metis

There are many preconceptions of coding — that it's uncreative work, or a solo act done in a dark... READ MORE

How to Prepare For Career Change

We've received more than a few messages that go something like this: "I'm currently a graphic de... READ MORE
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