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Online, Seattle
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Location: Online, Seattle

Code Fellows is the Pacific Northwest’s premier technical skills training academy, delivering high-quality live instruction both online and in-person to people from all backgrounds. Learners are guided toward vocational change and life transformation... Read More

Code Fellows has taught over 1,600 graduates and iterated on their curriculum and format to ensure students receive the most industry-relevant training as effectively and efficiently as possible. Students are immersed in their learning with daily lectures, pair programming, weekly presentations from full-time instructional staff who are seasoned industry professionals, one-week project sprints, and more. Code Fellows graduates work at Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Expedia, XBOX, NIKE, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and over 800 other companies.

The modular style of the Code Fellows program allows students to test into the course level that is most appropriate for their current skill level. In addition, the modular class structure allows students to choose the schedule and timing that meets their needs.

Code Fellows believes everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. In reality, many qualified candidates aren’t pursuing careers in a technology-related field because they are discouraged somewhere along the way. That’s why Code Fellows offers scholarships to help individuals who come from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds find rewarding careers in tech.

They are committed to breaking down systemic barriers and ensuring all people are treated with respect and dignity. They are united with their staff, students, alumni, and partners in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.

Code Fellows supports both domestic and international licensing partners through its Powered by Code Fellows program. Through this program they form strategic partnerships in markets all around the globe to help individuals transform their lives through education. Along with vocation-specific, continuously evolving curriculum and teaching materials, they invest in the success of their partners by providing marketing material, training for instructors, guidance and support on promoting, launching, and running courses, and more.

Code Fellows partners are respected organizations in their industry who want to bring tech training to more individuals. Some of them include Oregon Department of Education, Apprenti, CSNP, Luminus Technical University College, and Cayman Enterprise City.

Code Fellows also offers a tutoring program and platform to both students and non-students, technical instructor certification, and corporate training.

Plus, Code Fellows has been certified by both Washington State and Federal Veterans Administrations to accept the GI Bill.


Ops 201: Foundations of Computer Operations

Cost: $5,000
Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Online, Seattle
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Learn to support technology operations by resolving issues with hardware, software, and virtual or cloud systems.

In this hands-on course, you will deploy and troubleshoot Windows and Linux operating systems in various virtual and cloud environments. Key skills such as customer service, knowledge and process documentation, system shell proficiency, performance monitoring, system process management, issue handling, backup/imaging/recovery tools, and software application installation, maintenance, and removal will be practiced.

The course focuses on practical systems support and troubleshooting. Students will utilize issue tracking systems and the ITIL service management framework to communicate, resolve, and document issues and incidents. Students will also study how endpoints interact with the greater IT infrastructure, exploring concepts such as network protocols, Wi-Fi, and server-based user identity support.

This course includes a career coaching curriculum to get you ready for your job search. The course totals 160 hours, including lectures, lab, coworking, and collaborative projects.

Ops 301: Networking and Systems Administration

Cost: $5,000
Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Online, Seattle
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Gain hands-on server and networking skills in this exciting course that follows the journey of the fictional GlobeX Corporation as it grows from a startup to a multinational enterprise with fully-functional network and information systems. As their new administrator, get ready to deploy systems and design new networks in this fast-paced learning environment that mirrors critical on-the-job scenarios designed to prepare you for real-world Ops challenges.

The course integrates practical network and systems administration operations such as network design and troubleshooting, VPN tunnelling, firewall configuration, network security, server deployment and configuration, user identity management, scripting & automation, and system health monitoring with professional exercises in change management and project planning in a simulated on-the-job narrative.

This course includes a career coaching curriculum to get you ready for your job search. The course totals 160 hours, including lectures, lab, coworking, and collaborative projects.

Ops 401: Cybersecurity Engineering

Cost: $12,000
Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Online, Seattle
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Ready to kickstart your exciting career in cyber security operations (SecOps)? In this intensive course, delve into critical topics like cyber frameworks, data encryption, cloud security, network security, threat modeling, shell scripting, vulnerability scanning, and incident response. Gain valuable ethical hacker skills in penetration testing, and show off your awesome new abilities in two resume-enhancing projects!

Designed to prepare you for today’s most in-demand security skills, this hands-on course emphasizes practical SecOps. Students will gain cutting-edge skills by analyzing systems vulnerabilities, implementing defenses against common threats, and using industry-relevant tooling.

This course includes a career coaching curriculum to get you ready for your job search, plus job search assistance after graduation. The course totals 400 hours, including lectures, lab, coworking, and collaborative projects.

Code Fellows Reviews

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4.85/5 (153 reviews)

Christian Hansen
iOS Developer | Graduated: 2013




Job Support

"Learned to code. Got a job. Nice."

The tagline on the Code Fellows website reads "Learn to code. Get a job. Guaranteed." and that's exactly what happened for me.

I attended the first iOS Development Accelerator that Code Fellows offered in September/October of 2013 and it was definitely... Read More

From day one you will dive right into the code with excellent instruction and learn by doing. Within the first four weeks I had submitted my first app to the App Store, all the while doing daily homework projects to further grasp Objective-C, Xcode and Cocoa Touch. It's incredible how much happened and how much I learned in such a short amount of time while attending Code Fellows.

After completing the eight-week course I ended up landing my first job in just three weeks. Code Fellows had set me up with a mentor who I met and corresponded with on several occasions. My mentor gave me a ton of insight and tips to succeed and was an extremely valuable resource to have as I went out in search of job. That first job was a short contract assignment but it was a great way to take what I had learned and quickly start applying it in the job world and to help build my resume. After that contract ended I immediately began working as a full time developer for another company and I have been enjoying creating meaningful apps ever since.

I highly recommend Code Fellows to anyone looking to jump into development! It is extremely challenging, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming but the reward is well worth the effort.

Software Engineer | Graduated: 2013




Job Support

"Great opportunity to change your life"

Classes and instructors were awesome. Learned more than I thought possible and cutting edge tech and techniques.
However, help with job placement after graduation was severely lacking. While I feel like it should be up to one's self to secure their own... Read More

Adam Schuster
Graduated: 2013




Job Support


I just finished the Code Fellows iOS bootcamp in November 2013.  The program was really interesting.  First of all, it's INTENSE.  It really pushes you.  At a fast pace.  But that's what the real world is like for many of these jobs.  They picked fantastic teachers to lead the class, though, both who come from outside companies and are very successful on their own.  ... Read More

We had guest speakers each week, the teachers are there for 1-on-1 assistance, and the building itself is made available to you 24/7 and is really conducive to getting things done - kitchen, bathrooms, lounge area and it's really close to stores and restaurants... very easy to spend long stretches of time in that area, and really focus on your tasks at hand.  They provide free breakfasts once a week and free collective lunches once a week, too, where everyone in the building co-mingles.  The startup accelerator Tech Stars is in the same building and the people who work at those startups and other companies in the building are really accessible (e.g. Apptentive, MobileDevHQ, BigDoor).

During the "Gold" half of the course, a lot of time is spent on job preparedness, specifically: we're linked up with personal mentors, a VC firm came in to do mock interviews and provide feedback, and several guest speakers talked about subjects ranging from resume construction to the interview process.  Having graduated, Code Fellows sent my resume to their hiring network and I have already gotten many requests for interviews from top-level, internationally-recognized companies.  I'm not in Seattle at the moment so I haven't been able to solidify anything yet, but from my experience so far I do think the program is very good at preparing you for and helping you obtain a programming job.

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