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Online, Barcelona, Berlin, London

About Codeworks

Codeworks is an immersive coding bootcamp with campuses across several cities worldwide. You can attend their courses in-person at one of the available locations, or remotely from wherever you are. Programs include 8-week and 12-week full-time software... Read More

All programs cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, Angular, and React, as well as SQL and NoSQL databases. The 12-week course also covers DevOps, continuous deployment, and systems architecture.

The courses are divided into two sections: theory and advanced programming topics, and applied learning through building complete products. Codeworks aims to help students build complex apps and gain an advanced understanding of JavaScript. Graduates should be able to build entire applications and contribute to coding projects of any size.

Codeworks is tailored for people at any level with a three-part program process. To apply, candidates must first pass an admission challenge. Applicants with no previous coding experience are offered a remote intro course which covers programming fundamentals, basic JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Once admitted into the program, students complete an 8-week, remote pre-course covering intermediate programming topics like jQuery, Git, Developer tools, and intro to APIs. Once students pass the pre-course, they can start the main programming course.

All Codeworks programs include hiring events at the end of the course, including portfolio preparation and tech interview training. Finally, all graduates receive lifelong career support, and become part of an international network of alumni and partner companies.

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Software Engineering Immersive

  • Cost: €9,800
  • Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online, Berlin, London, Barcelona
Course Description:

This is the Codeworks flagship course, and the most complete way to get your engineering career started. Throughout the twelve weeks you learn all the skills of a professional programmer and get to build three projects of growing complexity. The course includes one week of career orientation, interview training, and introduction to hiring partners. At the end of the program you're able to make entire applications, and contribute to coding projects of any size. You will learn strong Software Engineering patterns, and understand how to work productively in teams with other engineers.

Web Development Immersive

  • Cost: €6,500
  • Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Online, Barcelona, Berlin, London
Course Description:

This program gives you the preparation to become a solid web programmer. Throughout the eight weeks you learn all the fundamentals of functional programming and get to build one personal project.

The course includes two days of career orientation, interview training, and introductions to hiring partners. At the end of the program you're able to build full-stack applications and understand advanced coding topics.This is our shortest course and the fastest way to kickstart your developer career.

Classroom Hours Per Week: 66.0

Corporate Training

Locations: Online, Barcelona, Berlin, London
Course Description:

Training programs for tech companies wanting to ramp up their development teams. We’ve designed intensive programs that can take place at your offices or at our campus. This focused training helps your development team master specific topics. Subjects include advanced JavaScript, Angular, React, and Node JS. Custom programs can be created according to your company’s needs.

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  • Léon Hollender | Full Stack Software Developer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"10/10 would attend again"

Long story short: Codeworks was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it.

I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, you have doubts about coding bootcamps and/or Codeworks. I was the same. I am a skeptical person. Before attending,... Read More

I went through the application process anyway, which I thought at first was quite easy. I visited the Codeworks campus while on vacation and I felt it was worth going ahead. So I got accepted in the program, contracted the necessary loan, and moved to Barcelona to do it.

Now I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend. It was an incredible experience. It lasts only three months but the personal growth makes it feel like it lasted much longer. The course ended three weeks ago and I already have an interesting job (which I can start as soon as I have the paperwork done).

Overall it was a lot of fun, it is pretty amazing what they create there in only three months! I think that Codeworks is one of the (or simple the) best coding bootcamp in Europe (can't be sure about other parts of the world as I didn't research it). Here are the reasons that prompt me to think so:

0. It is by far the most intensive. So you can immerse yourself in learning and concentrate in only doing that. This is something that was important to me and I feel it lived up to my expectations.
1. It doesn't teach you just one stack, so you get the full picture of how things are working and you're not stuck in only one way of doing things.
2. It makes you work on three projects that you choose. This is one thing that I was looking for: not just working on making a random clone of Airbnb or something else but actually working on stuff that I found really interesting and challenging. There is a lot of diversity in the projects and I think that's one of the strongest point of the course. It is also extremely helpful while looking for a job. The employers almost all went through my Github profiles and talked about my projects during interviews. (Check out my project Scenic Routes at
3. The teachers are incredible. They knew their stuff (and somehow when Arol explains something it just sticks). The course is also well structured and you continuously built on top of what you already learned. It's also constantly improved and updated with new technologies. Best practices are taught and that's a really important thing too. I also liked that it was mainly taught by doing/example. It makes you learn things fast and build a good foundation to learn more theory after the course ends.
4. The students are incredible. They say it's because it is highly selective with around 2% acceptance rate and I tend to agree.
5. The environment is incredible. Like, the space is perfect for doing something like this. There is a huge terrace to relax. Everything you need is on campus (including oranges to press your own orange juice!)
6. The staff is incredible. Everyone was very welcoming and competent and they all obviously enjoy what they do. The staff is dedicated and every day-to-day problem is dealt with quickly so you don't have to worry about it.
7. It is a small structure and that's good because that's where the strongest connections are made.
8. The network you gain is also valuable. I think there are a bit over 100 alumni now and all of those I talked to were more than happy to give advice and recommendations.
9. The support in the job search was really good too (see some more on that below).

Now, just a couple of points that may be important for future students:

The pre-course is important: don't skip it and do it seriously. It provides you with the basis for understanding everything that follows. There is a noticeable difference of skill achieved between the people who did and those who didn't.

Another thing I'd like to stress: while CW provide you with an amazing learning environment, it can't do the learning for you. How much you will get out of the course is directly proportional to your commitment to it. Whatever my classmates starting level was, the ones who improved most were consistently those who worked hard and put the hours in.

Job guarantee
There is no job guarantee per se, and I remember thinking that was a bad point before attending. However now it feels superfluous as graduates definitely have the capacity of finding a (coding) job.
I applied to three companies, which were presented to me by Codeworks on the last week of the course. I received two offers, refused one because I didn't liked the company and accepted the other (after they raised their offer to a very fair starting salary for the city). As for the last company, I think we both understood that the role proposed wasn't what I was looking and that I wouldn't be the right fit. So no regrets here.
I also received good support while job hunting. There is a dedicated CW employee for job placement who was available even after hours if the situation required it and gave me great advice (cheers Marc!)

10/10 would attend again.
If needed you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

  • Jordi Z | Front-end Software engineer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Found exactly what I was looking for."

I started the Codeworks bootcamp in April 2018 and graduated in August 2018, here’s my background, bootcamp experience, and outcome:

- 34 years old.
- Bachelor’s degree in journalism.
- Got into coding over two years ago.
- Wanted to choose the... Read More

- The pre-course will feel hard an give you a good grasp of the hard-parts of JavaScript.
- Your batch will be formed by people from a myriad of countries and backgrounds.
- Codeworks people are flexible with misfortune (and great people too): I had a bike accident and broke my collarbone one week into the program and needed surgery two weeks later. Had to restart the whole thing on the next batch and there was no problem doing so.
- Codeworks is very demanding, but you will get what you put in it: Time will fly, and you will be incredibly busy, so invest 100% of your time, effort and your interest and you’ll get a proportional return. If eventually you realize this is not for you, you’ll still learn plenty of stuff, make great friends and know more about yourself, but don’t get too lazy or you’ll meet my next point:
- Codeworks people is pretty inflexible with laziness: Become a drag to your batch because of your lack of interest, poor attitude or consistently not showing on time for no reason and you’ll promptly see yourself out of the program. I’ve seen this happen.
- Arol, Alessandro (the founders) and all the TA’s from the bootcamp have great sets of skills, learn from them as much as you can, ask all the questions, and leave no stone unturned because that’s your chance to absorb years of seasoned skills in three months. Moreover, once you graduate you will always have them as a safety net for advice or particular questions you might have.
- My advice: At some point, you’ll lean towards a particular technology or side to development (be it front-end, back-end or whatever). Stick to it. Choose a path and follow it. Our field needs a lot of specialization. A Barcelona startup CEO once defined the development scene as ‘broad but shallow’, so help deepen it and your skills will be in demand!

- I graduated at the end of August, the week after demoing our thesis project I started looking for a job. I got my first call the very same day I started searching and my first offer within three days. The offer was economically within the average for a junior developer in Barcelona but I rejected it because I wanted to see more.
- I got some coding challenges from potential employers: After what I had learned in the bootcamp, none of them felt particularly hard.
- I got a good idea of what I wanted, how much I wanted to be paid and what technologies I was willing to work with or not. That helped a great deal to have successful interviews.
- Marc is a wizard when it comes to providing great support getting you in touch with potential employers and helping you with negotiations. So listen to his advice and apply it. I didn’t do this once and now I regret it so LISTEN.TO.MARC.
- Every time I made it to the on-site interview I ended getting the offer.
- Don’t rush your decision, companies need developers and you can provide what they’re looking for. Marc will tell you so when you feel the impulse to accept the first offer you get, so, again, it’s probably a good idea to listen to Marc.
- All my peers that wanted to get a job where employed as developers before two months after graduation.
- For some weeks, I took a free-lance job offer to develop a small app for a startup. I always felt like I had the proper skills to be working on my own, which greatly boosted my confidence as a front-end developer.
- In the end, I accepted a front-end developer offer from a Fortune 500 company who offered above average salary and benefits.
- Some months into the job, I can tell you that I don’t feel like I am lacking any coding skills compared to my peers.

All in all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good idea to enroll. I can tell you it is, but be willing to trust these guys, their method and be sure that you can put the effort it demands. It will be great to see you become a member of the family of Codeworks graduates.

  • Olga
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Best experience ever!"

I've recently finished Codeworks and it was a fantastic experience.

I learnt a lot about web development, had hands on experience developing apps and just had so much fun.

The program is very intense, but it's very well structured so you don't get too overwhelmed.... Read More

All the staff are incredible: nice, helpful. Teachers are very knowledgable and are always happy to guide you. And then you also meet incredible people as your classmates and have great time together.

I got out of Codeworks much more than I expected. Attention to detail is impressive: they thought about everything and constantly strive to get even better.

What impressed me as well is the assistance in getting a job: they share they extensive experience and really prepare you for everything that might come up in the application/hiring process.

I loved the 3 months I spent at Codeworks and would recommend it as the bootcamp to go to :)

  • Anonymous
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Amazing experience"

Coming already from software development, it has been a full deep recycling and discover, jumping fastly in JS and newest frameworks. If you want to enter this world fastly and you can afford it, it's the best option.

  • Oliver Walker | Font-End Developer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Life Changing, Inspirational"

CodeWorks is an incredible experience. If you are wanting to learn to code this is the only bootcamp worth considering in Europe right now.

The level of tuition is super high, the teachers are very knowledgable and very easy to talk to and you are always... Read More

It's intense, however the atmosphere is really friendly, with everyone fully supporting each other the whole time. Students work together to motivate each other and help each other and achieve goals you wouldnt think possible.

After just a few weeks of leaving CodeWorks and I am already settled into my new role as a Front-End Dev. I was very nervous about this as I had no idea about coding in the "real world", however your level of Coding will be so high after leaving that you will feel very comfortable in any JavaScript role.

If you attend CodeWorks, afterwards you will be a new person, with new skills, able to take on the world.

  • Jon Portella | Front End Engineer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Best learning experience ever"

After 3 demanding months of 12 hours/day sessions of coding, data structures and algorithms, I found myself with new skills, ready for a career change.

Now I'm super happy with my new job and so is my employer with my performance.

  • Edgar
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Great experience and all the goals accomplished!"

As all the places there are good things and bad things, the reason why I leave 5 stars is because the good things in Codeworks are undoubtedly the most important things.

- I have learned a lot during this time with Codeworks, possibly everything I need... Read More

- I met a lot of amazing people with my same interests.

- After 2 weeks of finishing the bootcamp, get a Full Stack job in a very good company with a very fair salary.

For these three reasons I think that Codeworks deserves the 5 ends, and these are the things that I think could be improved, and that you should keep in mind before starting in Codeworks to be more prepared:

- the pre course: it's not bad, but it's missing a lot of things, being a bootcamp things go very fast and many times when you have to learn something new that is complex in just 24-48 hours it can be very frustrating even if you will understand it later.

That's why I think it would be great if the pre-course were more extensive and cover more things like for example: more javascript challenges, more exercises with flexbox and CSS grid, definitely back-end (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL...), look at the basics of Agular and React, a finally some basic of Testing.

If you look at all this before you start you will be more confident, you will be more prepared and you will get much more out of the bootcamp.

But in summary if your looking for a coding bootcamp in Europe without a doubt I think that Codeworks is the best option.

  • Christopher | Software Developer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"If you are motivated and willing to work hard, Codeworks will turn you into an exceptional software developer!"

I'm writing this review 9 days after graduating. And guess what? Today I accepted a very cool job here in Barcelona as a software developer with a competetive over industry average salary. Codeworks set me up with the company on the last week before graduation.... Read More

Before taking the course the first thing I did was to google "codeworks". I read all reviews or comments I could find. What made me initially suspicious was that all the reviews were 5-star, and I couldn't find enough criticism. So I was afraid that this could be a scam or a money-grab. But I took a leap of faith, and started anyway. And let me tell you, it's real, and you should take the course!

Expectations, I've given it 5 stars on all accounts. There is certainly things that could be improved upon, but for me these were my expectations:

- I wanted to learn Javascript, HTML, CSS and become a full-stack developer
- I wanted to be able to confidently code, complete, deploy and publish any idea of an application I got
- I wanted to be able to get a job after finishing the course, knowing I could provide real value for a company, and kick-start my career in sofware development.
- I wanted to learn industry practises getting familiar with the tools and methods used (git, bash, npm, agile, etc)

Codeworks succeded in teaching me all theese things to my satisfaction. When I started, I had no clue what a framwork was, I did not even know what Node.js was.

Here is a breakdown of the course

Pre-course, on their website they say you should reserve 3 months for this. I did it in under one month, and I know many other friends on the batch also did it in a short time. However, I do recommend you to take it very seriously and it learn well. If you dont, you will struggle during the actual course. The most important part of this is to complete the codeacademy courses well, in particular the Javascript part, take your time and try to really learn it. Also try to solve as many coding challenges that you find online. The actual pre-course material given by Codeworks, could be better in my opinion, it did it, but I didn't really understand or learn so much from it. If you struggle during the pre-course do not be afraid to prolonge your start, and take your time learning it.

Junior-part, this is the first half of the course. After breakfast each day, you will get a toy-problem to solve, theese are actual coding challenges from companies. It's fun and slightly competetive, I enjoyed this part alot. During the day you will learn the fundementals of javascript, algoriths, data-structures, front-end frameworks, Node, back-end frameworks and much more. I recommend to take pair or group programming seriously and resist working solo, you will learn much more if you find someone you sync with, and work together during this part.

Senior-part, the second part of the course you will put everything to practise. The first project you will make is alone. On this part I created, which is a fantasy book recommendation engine. Building a project on your own was for me the most rewarding part of the course, I gained the confidence to start believing "I can do anything if I put my mind, blood, sweat and tears innit". Learning how to publish it online using AWS, and getting your own microserver was super cool. During the senior part you will also make two other cool projects, this time in increasing group sizes. You will learn industry practises on git workflow and agile programming. During our thesis project, real companies sent representatives to asses our presentations and projects.

Graduation, big thanks to Marc @ codeworks for setting us up with real companies. After the course you wont be alone, codeworks will assist you to find work. During the last week of the bootcamp, we had about 10 companies who sent their developers and CTO's to interview the students. Many of us will land jobs in theese companies. After graduating i would make an wild estimate of 10/15 persons getting a job during the first month, with the rest getting a job within a few months.

Social, I gained many very good friends during this course and met super awesome people. I think our batch was amazing and while we worked harder than we have ever before, we had very much fun doing it. The teachers and the personnel at codeworks awesome and supportive, and they do their best to teach you what you need to learn and making you ready to start a career in development.

Summary, nothing is free, codeworks will give you the tools and they will provide everything you need to learn. If you are not ready, motivated and willing to work&learn from 9.00 - 21.00 six days a week for three months this course is not for you. Many of us, me including even worked 7 days a week, also opting to not take a break between junior and seniour part. In otherwords, this is a hard-core bootcamp, and that's why it is the best bootcamp in Europe.

Disclaimer, I wrote this review because I wanted to review Codeworks, reviewing the course is completely optional. Hope you found it helpful!

- Chris

  • George Perry | Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"The only bootcamp to consider"

It’s been over a year since I decided I wanted to become a software developer and almost 3 months since I finished what was probably to date one of the most transformative periods of my life - the Codeworks coding bootcamp.

There are a number of reasons... Read More

I have tried to be as candid as possible, with the intention of giving you a clear and realistic impression of what it is like to be a Codeworks student and also how you can maximise the effect the bootcamp will have in your professional endeavors.

Firstly, I can truly say that Codeworks is affective. I am a couple of months into a new role as a software engineer and the investment has not only allowed me to ‘get in the door’ but has helped ensured I am confidently making a difference to a living, breathing product in a way I could not have imagined this soon into the job.

In the run-up to starting the course in January 2018, I made the decision to give myself two 3 months to fully complete the pre-course and really prepare for the big step up that awaits you from day 1. I highly recommend that you give yourself as much time as you can afford at this stage, as you will get the most out of the pre-course if you spend time really digging into each section and feel very comfortable reimplementing it on the fly.

Please, please do not underestimate this part of the course. From my experience and I’m sure others would agree, those students who skipped or failed the complete the pre-course struggled at the beginning of the course and each topic thereafter was significantly more challenging. The pre-course is intending to give you a solid foundation from which you can quickly pick up new topics at the speed that is required. If you fail to prepare properly here, your experience for the main course will be severely hindered.

In addition to the pre-course, I did as many Codewars Katas ( as I could, reaching Level 4. These will greatly improve your ability to quickly solve algorithms and engrain the thought-patterns that are essential to your success as a developer. You will also complete daily challenges during the first part of the main course, so completing 4-5 daily Katas goes a long way towards helping you approach these challenges correctly.

Moving onto the main course is an exciting but slightly nervous step. I came from the UK, so relocating to Barcelona was a significant step in my life and not one to be taken lightly. However, the city is an energising, happy place where you will be made to feel at home. Unlike other major European cities, such as London or Paris, the way of life in Barcelona is well suited to the deep and intense learning journey you will undertake. You will be able to contrast the hard work during the course with relaxing trips to the beach, the luxury of almost constant sunshine, and the quiet streets of nearby districts such as Barceloneta - it was a pleasure to live in the city and I wish I could have stayed for longer!

The course itself starts how it means to go on - it captures the true meaning of what a bootcamp should be! The first part of the course is intense and very tiring. Coupled with your fresh start in a new place, it will be a shock to your system. You should ensure you get plenty of sleep, look after your body with fresh, healthy food and be mindful that you are undertaking a short-term but intentionally stressful few months.

The first part of the courses feels as if you are learning too much, too fast. You cover a range of topics at breakneck speed with rarely get a chance to catch your breath and digest what you have learned. On top of this, you will feel as if you don’t actually understand what you are learning and that things really aren’t sinking in. You may even start to panic. Please, please, please trust the instructors when they say you are learning these topics. Although it doesn’t feel like it, this method of learning works and will be evident to see in the projects of the batch of students that began the course before you and in your own projects during the second half of the course.

You won’t believe it at the time, but the course is almost perfectly balanced to offer the correct amount of information at the right speed. I say ‘almost’ because there is always room for improvement, as I would like to see more emphasis and strictness on the pre-course which would give more room for even more advanced topics in the main course. However, you will not find a bootcamp out there that covers such advanced topics in both JavaScript and computer science.

The second part of the course transforms from being an intense and tiring whirlwind to a platform where you begin to understand your true potential as a programmer and start building your first real web applications. The week-long break you receive between the two sections helps you digest what you’ve learned and gives your brain some much-needed rest. You return and almost by magic your understanding of those topics that were once so foreign and confusing now seem to have consolidated.

Once you begin with the project work, your learning curve really begins to steepen. Utilising the toolkit you have been equipped within the first six weeks, you will produce three portfolio-standard pieces of work that will prove invaluable in your search for a job. I worked on 2 web applications and implementing testing for an open-source React library, giving me plenty to talk about in interviews. You will also be given the freedom to explore all areas of JavaScript and learn the peripheral technologies that give you an edge as a developer searching for a job.

The scope of the projects also means that you become a genuine full stack developer. You will be expected to produce projects demonstrating your abilities using Node frameworks and frontend frameworks, as well as your proficiency of conceptualising a technical product with a clear use-case. I feel that the structure of these projects was very much geared towards prepping students for a real product environment, as you will begin to think about the work you are doing from a product perspective - again this is a big advantage when looking for roles after the course.

As I was returning to the UK following the course, I did not partake in the hiring week although the support with your CV, LinkedIn and how to approach applications and interviews are thorough and very useful. However, the real value in the course is not seen until you take on your first technical test.

I was very proactive in attempting to get interviews and speaking to recruiters. You will not have any shortage of interest so please do not start until you’ve reached the hiring week - it will only distract you! After applying for 43 roles, I received 26 responses requesting calls or meetings. I made it through to 10 technical tests where I was either coding on-screen, completing pre-defined questions or building a small app. Of all of these tests, I was offered final stage interviews with 9 and received 5 job offers.

You will come out the other side of Codeworks not as a junior developer, but as a mid-level developer that is only lacking in professional experience. My boss and product manager at my new job have been pleasantly surprised at the standard of knowledge I have been equipped with through Codeworks and by no means consider me to be junior. This is a credit to the bootcamp and unfortunately, the most difficult problem they still need to overcome is getting their name out to the world that they are the premier coding bootcamp in Europe that produces quality outcomes - they are head and shoulders above the rest.

The experience as a whole was life-changing. I love being a developer. Being paid to do something I enjoy is a dream-come-true and although I could have eventually done it on my own or through another bootcamp, doing it with Codeworks has meant I’ve reached a higher professional level faster and cheaper, as well as meeting some friends for life and gaining an experience I will talk about as long as I live.

If you are looking for a new career in software development or considering a bootcamp, cross everyone else off your list. If you’re willing to work hard, commit to your future in a meaningful and fulfilling way, and searching for a real challenge then Codeworks should be your home for 3 months.

  • Marco Esposito | Software Dev @ Abinsula
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2018

Overall Score


Job Support

"Beyond my expectations!"

I joined the January batch in 2018 and immediately realized that it was going to be such an AMAZING experience. This by far the best bootcamp in Europe.

Here my considerations:
- ENVIRONMENT: there are two big areas inside and a kitchen. Outside a wide... Read More

Personally I even found Codeworks really useful for improving my English (I came from good B2/poor C1 level), as everybody speaks very good and fluently.
Lastly I would like to address over 30 people scared about applying Codeworks because of their age: I'm 44 and have a family, for sure companies don't select employees by confident, your effort will definitely pay off and change your literally changed mine for sure! Good luck!


Codeworks's average rating is 4.97 out of 5.0 based on 112 review(s).

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