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Location: Online

Product Gym is a career coaching program offering strategy, skills instruction, and career training to help you change careers into product management. Members get lifetime access to the fully remote program, which offers flexible start times, a comprehensive... Read More

Product Gym includes two tracks: Skills Development and Career Acceleration.

The Skills Development track helps members to develop the mindset, knowledge, and skills of product management. It offers 20+ courses in business fundamentals; technical fundamentals; and product management career skills such as UX research, API, roadmapping, product marketing, case studies, and whiteboarding. This track can be completed in 3 months part-time, or at a flexible, self-led pace.

Skills Development classes are led by subject matter experts who specialize in various subjects related to product management. Product Gym members can join classes live, or choose to watch class recordings at their own pace.

The Career Acceleration track helps aspiring Product Managers communicate their value to employers in order to generate, secure, and negotiate job offers. Product Gym’s strategy for career changers and upgraders includes resume help, coaching on professional branding and positioning your background, interview and offer negotiation training, and community networking.

Both tracks can be taken flexibly, at the same or different times. On average, Product Gym members spend 7 – 10 hours per week on both tracks combined. Once joined, members have access to all of Product Gym’s classes, community resources, and support for life.


Product Management

Cost: $6,000
Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Product Gym is a 6 week - Product Management Course designed to transition working professional into a product management career. The goal of Product Gym is to equip students with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about the day to day working schedule as a PM. At the end of this course, students will be able to confidently build a product roadmap and define the MVP, identify the key languages needed to build this software, and articulate a specific use case in their background that is relevant to product management.

Simply put, Product Management is fundamentally a mix of soft skills and technical skills where you will eventually sit at the intersection of all the stakeholder departments at your company. To be successful, you need a firm understanding of who those stakeholders are, what their role is, how product managers currently interact with them, and the level of domain knowledge you need to know about their role.

The best way to achieve this level of understanding is to hear directly from those stakeholders. Product Gym not only sources the best product managers as instructors, but also subject matter experts that will be your peer and counterparts in the companies you eventually work at.

Product Mgmt

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4.96/5 (462 reviews)

Max W
Graduated: 2017


Product Management



Job Support

"Sound advice and great advocates"

The biggest difference I noticed in working with the team at Product Gym was that they were committed to me crossing the goal line with all that I learned, whereas the competition is satisfied simply with sharing information.

Motivation, and determination... Read More

Definitely the missing link if you are trying to change your career path.

Graduated: 2017




Job Support

"Developing Rock Star Product Managers"

My instructors were all true product management veterans, having worked as PM’s at some of the world's top companies. Our Lead Instructor leveraged his vast experience as a PM to give the class examples of what we can expect to encounter and how to approach... Read More

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