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Location: Online, Toronto

WeCloudData offers full and part-time Data Science courses in Toronto, Canada. Students can choose from a full-time, 12-week immersive Data Science Bootcamp, or part-time courses in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python for Data Science, and more.... Read More

WeCloudData is a leading data science training provider in Canada. Its data science, data engineering, and data analytics programs are designed to be highly practical and focusing on teaching students to understand end-to-end data science processes via hands-on projects, labs, and assignments.

Over the past two years, WeCloudData has helped hundreds of students build awesome project portfolios and make the smooth transition into the data science field. WeCloudData has also successfully delivered corporate training to teams in various companies, including TD, Bell, Canadian Tire and CIBC. With extensive connections in the field, WeCloudData can make sure the curricula are designed around the skills Canadian employers are seeking.


Applied Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Online Live

Cost: $5,600
Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This course will cover the basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel while a focus on hands-on practice through commonly used business applications.

Our trainees are among the top candidates in the market quickly snatched by large corporations and start-ups. While 90% candidates fail employers' technical test, our trainees can pass coding challenge and case interview. We also provide career services to fit them for BA, BI, DA careers in retail, e-commerce, supply chain, banking, insurance, fintech and healthcare industries.

20 hours, start any time
- Pre-Camp Lab (20 hours) TA-Supported: installs and practices, flatten the learning curve, level up skills with 5 data tools

160 hours, 40 weekdays (4 hours/day), 8 weeks (5 days/week)
- Fundamentals (36 ****hours) Instructor-led: Excel (6), Tableau (6), Power BI (6), SQL (9), Python (9)
- Coding Workshop (18 hours) Instructor-led: LeetCode SQL (9), LeetCode Python (9), practice coding with laser focus
- Project Workshop (66 hours) Instructor-led: Business Analysis (9), Digital Marketing (12), CRM (9), Risk Management (9), Supply Chain (9), Fintech (9), Retail eCommerce - (9), 7 projects to build your portfolio
- During-Camp Lab (40 hours) TA-Supported: 'ask me anything' (AMA) about assignments. quizzes, portfolios, certifications

Business, Python, Data Analytics, SQL

Applied Data Engineering Online Live

Cost: $8,000 - $12,000
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

WeCloudData’s Data Engineering certificate program focuses on helping students to acquire the essential data engineering skills, gain professional experience, and prepare for data engineer careers.

Part-Time - $8000
Full-Time - $12,000

Hadoop, AWS, Data Science

Applied Data Science and Big Data Diploma Program

Cost: 14,000
Duration: 13 weeks
Locations: Toronto
In-person Only
Course Description:

The Applied Data Science and Big Data Diploma Program is created to help close the gap between Academia and the Industry. It is a 13-week immersive learning program designed for university/college graduates and career switchers who want to learn data science skills fast and gain real hands-on industry experience, and get a job in the Data & AI industry in a relatively shorter time frame.

Linux, SQL Programming, SciPy, NumPy, Python, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Hadoop, AWS, Data Science, Statistics & Probability

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4.98/5 (42 reviews)

Software Developer | Graduated: 2017


Data Science Full-time Bootcamp



Job Support

"A must for everyone to start Big Data career!"

After listening and comparing big data courses in different places in Toronto, I went to sign up all of the WeCloudData courses right after the Shaohua’s info session without any hesitation. He is not only very much knowledgable and experienced but also... Read More

Whenever I got stuck, I could get all the help I need from the instructor, TA and teammates, sometimes I also got motivated by other teams and pushed forward by my instructor to continue working on my project by doing in-class progress report and presentations. The things I have learned here and the final project presentation I did benefits me a lot by showing so much confidence in my big data interviews and helping me handing job offers. Quite often, I feel I know more than my interviewers! ^ ^

Many thanks to WeCloudData, it is a great learning platform with great instructor, TAs and classmates!!

Market Research Associate | Graduated: 2018




Job Support

"Excellent course to help kick-start your career in data science"

I recently took WeCloudData's 'Data Science Toolbox' course, and can say that I had an excellent experience in the course. I learned a lot about the SQL and Python programming languages, and gained a lot of practical knowledge towards a career in data... Read More

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